lana or marisa

A few months ago, our marketing manager, Sam, developed an obsession with the images of Yves Saint Laurent's long-time muse, Marisa Berenson.  Simultaneously, those in our office have also recently developed a major girl-crush on retro songstress, Lana Del Rey.  Yves Saint Laurent went through a period in the 70's when he became enamored of a certain kind of beauty: that tragic, mysterious, gorgeous girl whose motto seemed to be live fast, die young.  Well, Lana Del Rey very much seems to be channelling Marisa Berenson lately with a hedonistic (and tragic) music video for her new single, Born to Die.  She even goes so far as to emulate one of Berenson's most iconic images, with a headpiece made out of large flowers in her hair.  So we ask you: who wore it best?  Lana or Marisa?  Decide for yourself.  Whatever the answer is, we think this is a sure sign of a new trend brewing...

Lana Del Rey performs her latest single, Born to Die.

Marisa Berenson in her version of a flowery headpiece.


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ksubi's Spring 2012 collection is a full-blown manifestation of a war of two worlds: 90's grunge vs. modern swagger.  Almost every piece is a fusing of these two elements, mixing grunge-y plaid with today's obsession with animal prints, combining 90's military green with a contemporary pale-blue take on leather.  These are pairings that you wouldn't necessarily think to put together, but when combined they create an achingly cool symphony of style.  The collection also still has that undeniably ksubi feeling of personalised customisation; you often look at the pieces and can vividly imagine that cool girl in her basement, piecing old clothes together to make something new.  It's engineered luxury, the best kind because you can immediately see and appreciate the detail that goes into each and every piece.  ksubi have truly outdone themselves with their Spring 2012 collection entitled WAR; we can't wait to see it on the streets!


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introducing: ju xiao wen

She's one of our favourite new rising stars in the modelling industry, known for her China-doll face, soft sweet voice and unaffected personality.  Ju Xiao Wen hails from China and has been modelling for several years now, but has just recently become a "big deal" this year.  She's appeared as the face of Taiwanese design powerhouse Shiatzy Chen and is also one of the current faces of Lane Crawford's Fall 2011 campaign, featuring a stunning group of five top Chinese models working in the business today.  We caught up with Xiao Wen for an interview at The British Fashion Council's London Show Rooms event in Hong Kong; she was there as a guest of VOGUE China, in town to shoot an editorial feature on British Fashion for the magazine's big February 2012 issue.  Xiao Wen tells us and a little bit about her personal style, her goals in life (incredibly down-to-earth, mind you) and how she hopes the London Fashion Week F/W '13 scheduling kerfuffle will be sorted out!  Watch this face: she's about to blow up big time.

Video filmed, edited and produced by for Electric sekki.

Ju Xiao Wen, front row and centre in Lane Crawford's Fall 2011 campaign, alongside heavy hitting fellow Chinese models Liu Wen, Shu Pei, Ming Xi and Fei Fei Sun.
Ju Xiao Wen (left) in a Richard Nicoll Spring 2012 look at The British Fashion Council's London Show Rooms event in Hong Kong.

 Ju Xiao Wen on Jonathan Saunder's Spring 2012 runway at London Fashion Week.

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20 years of louboutin

Girls (and guys!) really go crazy for a red sole.  Last night's party was definitely one of the big-ticket fashion events to round off a whirlwind 2011: Christian Louboutin's 20th Anniversary celebration in Hong Kong.  The event space was decked out in all things red, the trademark colour of Louboutin's soles: Chinese red lanterns, red lights, red walls.  They literally painted the town red.  Louboutin has been to Hong Kong several times before, but this occasion was particularly special for him, as he was here to launch his first coffee table book celebrating twenty fabulous years in the business, aptly and simply titled Christian Louboutin.  The book is a wonderfully beautiful look back at the designer's life and career, from the early days when he was just starting in the shoe business to his current fetish period, with lots of exclusive photographs and contributions from David Lynch and John Malkovich.  It's the perfect Christmas present for all your shoe addict friends (you know they're out there)!

Last night Hong Kong's well-heeled crowd celebrated Christian Louboutin's 20th Anniversary with Mr Louboutin himself.

Mr Louboutin checking out his book in extra-large format!

Mr Louboutin ... throughout the years!  What a character, he always seems to enjoy life to its very fullest!

And, thanks to the amazing Joanna, Christian Louboutin's power PR in Asia, I got a pair of my shoes signed.  Best Christmas gift ever; thanks Joanna!


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party style

Our Skool's Out for Christmas party brought out the city's most stylin' party animals.  After all, they had a very special guest to impress: Mr. Henry Holland himself.  It was hard to pick out our favourite style shots from the evening (there were so many!) but here's our pick of the people that really rocked our socks.  They dressed appropriately for the party: not too fancy but oh-so cool.  There was lots of grunge, lots of colour and lots of personality.  Just the way we like it!

Amazing glasses!

This whole posse of friends was immaculately styled; they are each individual but all "fit" together perfectly.

Loving these House of Holland tights!  Nobody does tights better than Henry Holland!

Stylin' guys with so much 'tude.

Loving the Clockwork Orange look on the guy to the right!  Excellent stuff.

House of Holland is available in Hong Kong at A Boutique, Liger & Bauhaus.

All photographs by Topaz Leung.


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skool's out for christmas

It's official.  Our Skool's Out For Christmas Party at FLY last Friday was the hottest party of the year.  Electric sekki brought out British fashion darling Henry Holland of House of Holland for an exclusive DJ set, playing all Holland's favourite tunes for all of our favourite people.  The city's fashion and music set were lined up around the block until the wee hours of the morning while we partied the year 2011 away and geared up for what's guaranteed to be a stellar holiday season.  Couldn't make it?  Not to fear: check our some of our favourite snaps from the party below, and see even more up on our Facebook page.  We're also running a Best Party Photo competition; the winner will receive a $1,000 gift voucher, courtesy of Electric sekki.  So start uploading all your photos of your hot selves, party animals!  Get to it!

Henry Holland DJing for the amped-up crowd.

Such a stellar night at FLY!

Here's one of our favourite stylists, Jolene Lin, wearing HORACE.

One of Electric sekki's Les Artistes, DJ Eve Speciall opened for Henry Holland, dressed head to toe in House of Holland.

Never a dull moment at FLY.

Cheers, party people!  Here's to a fantastic 2012 ahead.

Didn't spot yourself?  See even more photos from the party up on our Facebook page.  

House of Holland is available in Hong Kong at A Boutique, Liger & Bauhaus.


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kart king

We've written about this racing prodigy before; Havaianas Brand Ambassador Matt Solomon (蘇誠峻) is rapidly taking the racing world by storm and this past Saturday he proved just how far he's come.  Placing second place in the Asia-Pacific KF3 Championships, Matt drove his way right onto the trophy podium in what was probably the best performance ever by a Hong Kong driver in an international karting event.  Starting in poll position, Matt did his absolute best to defend his lead, but was just beaten out; he showed plenty of courage in keeping his second place and we would expect nothing less from this talented, hard-working youth racing star!  Keep it up, Matt!



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spotted on: sassy moss

Leopard print has pretty much become a neutral texture in fashion ever since its quiet introduction on the Fall runways in 2009, followed by it's full-on domination in Fall 2010.  No longer treated as just a winter fabric, leopard print has become a wardrobe staple for all seasons.  sass & bide's 'Raising the Bar' jeans are a perfect casual rendition of this trend, and Miss Moss wears them oh-so well; granted, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wears skinny jeans better than Kate, but this pair matches her boho I'm with the band vibe just perfectly.  Oh, and even better yet: they're from Spring 2012, so you don't have to worry about them already being sold out.  Just make sure you're first in line when they hit the shops this January! 

sass & bide is available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols, Liger, I.T, Little Black Dress and Van D.


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les artistes profile: christing c

Christing has always possessed a self-confessed addiction to fashion, so after several internships and assistant positions at UK fashion publications, Christing decided to express her own style and creativity in a personal fashion blog, Fashion Hedonism, allowing her a front-row pass to explore and become involved within the industry she loves. After almost two years of immersion in the fashion blogging world, Christing took the next step in opening her own boutique, Christing C. Using the relationships and resources available to her through blogging, Christing created a trend-based boutique where she can accumulate and share all her favorite styles and designers in one space, with the goal to not only create a place to shop, but also an environment that encourages her customers to cultivate and have fun with their style.

From left to right:
JJ wears shoes, shirt, pocket square and scarf from a selection at The Armoury and a blazer from Pal Zileri.
Omar wears a shirt and blazer from a selection at The Armoruy.
Christing wears a shirt and skirt from No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua, a sass & bide belt and Christian Louboutin shoes.
Alan wears an outfit from a selection at The Armoury.
Boris wears a sweater and blazer from Pal Zileri and a pocket square from a selection at The Armoury.

Christing wears a (nude) top, ksubi leather skirt, and cuff by Disaya.
Cindy wears a top and sequin pants from No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua and shoes by Yves Saint Laurent.

Check out Christing's blog here: Fashion Hedonism
And her shop here: ChristingC

Our Les Artistes series was photographed by international photographer, Daniel Garriga and produced by Elite Photography.


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les artistes profile: the wanderlister+

JJ.Acuna is a 31-year-old American architect who, in the last few years, has made his mark designing and building commercial and hospitality projects in China and all-over Asia as an Associate and Senior Designer of the Hong Kong firm, LWK & Partners.  Having noticed Asia’s burgeoning financial prominence and stability in the world, as well as the rise of cultural and building activity within the region, JJ launched a successful online blog called theWanderlister+ Asia.  The blog chronicles all the ins and outs of the urban cultural scene with a focused point-of-view on all things lifestyle, underpinned by his interests in topics that range from art, design, architecture, travel, and even a bit of fashion.

JJ wears a shirt, pocket square, scarf and shoes from a selection at The Armoury, and a Pal Zileri blazer.

JJ wears a mac, shirt, tie and shoes, carries an umbrella from a selection at The Armoury.
Christing wears a Ksubi dress and Beau Coops shoes.
Omar wears a mac and shoes, carries an umrella from a selection at The Armoury.

Visit JJ's blog here: theWanderlister+ Asia

Our Les Artistes series was photographed by international photographer, Daniel Garriga and produced by Elite Photography.


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holland in hong kong

That's right, party animals, Henry Holland is in town and he's brought all of his colourful magic with him too! In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, Holland is in town to DJ our very own Electric sekki Christmas party at FLY this Friday evening. Yes, we brought him out here just for all you crazy people who thought, "When's someone going to do a cool Christmas?" We're bringing you what's guaranteed to be the most bangin' Christmas party this year, so make sure you RSVP properly if you want to catch Henry in action. School's out for Christmas and we're welcoming all of you (good kids or bad) to party with us, so make sure you seize this exclusive opportunity before it's too late! See you there, party people!

Don't forget to RSVP!

Colourful Henry Holland magic!

Cheeky underwear; how big are you?

All the colours of the House of Holland rainbow!

Love how fun these Henry Holland sunnies for Les Specs are, exclusively available in Hong Kong at I.T

House of Holland is available in Hong Kong at A Boutique, Liger and Bauhaus.



les artistes profile: jack leung

Formed in the summer of 2005, The Yours quickly captured the attention of music fans in Hong Kong with their energetic live performances that blend squalling qhite noise with good-ol'-fashioned rock 'n' roll.  Having re-emerged as a four-piece line up, The Yours are currently preparing new songs for their debut album in a late night dive in Kwai Chung (where else?), aided only by the sickly rays of fluorescent light and a steady supply of budget-priced cigarettes.  Jack Leung, lead singer of The Yours, is mostly influenced by the music and culture of the 90's: that influential era of grunge and anarchy is perfectly reflected in Jack's personal style.  Whenever Jack comes into the Electric sekki showroom, he immediately gravitates towards the grungy Ksubi pieces and the show-stopping, rule-breaking styles from Horace.

Jack wears ksubi jeans and a Horace shirt with his own belt, sunglasses and boots.

Jack (left) wears ksubi jeans and a Horace shirt with his own belt, sunglasses and boots.
Eve (right) wears ksubi jacket and dress, Karen Walker sunglasses with her own headphones and earring.

Ksubi is available in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford, I.T, Van D & Harvey Nichols.
Horace is available in Hong Kong at D-Mop, Harvey Nichols (Men), Initial, Kniq, Little Black Dress, Likelihood & Magenta.

Our Les Artistes series was photographed by international photographer, Daniel Garriga and produced by Elite Photography.


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les artistes profile: cindiddy

Cindy describes herself as a "noble nobody"; we think she's anything but!  Noble?  Absolutely!  But a "nobody"?  Definitely not.  Cindy (a.k.a. Cindiddy) is arguably one of Hong Kong's most successful personal style bloggers, having been invited by NOKIA and ELLE to New York Fashion Week S/S '12 as a Style Correspondent.  She took New York by storm and was photographed by everyone from  to The Face Hunter.  Cindy describes her blog as, "A run with what I think is style, fashion and all that jazz.  Sharing and making mistakes is the main purpose of my blog.  I'd like to think my style is a clash between Miroslava Duma and Jen Brill, minus the perfect execution."  Cindy also lists Gia Marie Carangi as her hero; widely regarded as the world's first supermodel, we think Gia is the perfect hero for this superblogger.

Cindy wears a No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua lace dress & YSL shoes.

Cindy wears a No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua lace dress.

Cindy wears No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua top, camisole and pants.

No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua is available in Hong Kong at I.T and Harvey Nichols.

Our Les Artistes series was photographed by international photographer, Daniel Garriga and produced by Elite Photography.


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an eye for something else

Susie Bubble, arguably the founding queen of personal style blogging, has long had an eye for Something Else by Natalie Wood--in more ways than one.  Susie's recent post on how to layer knits in the winter also features a Something Else by Natalie Wood eye-print sweater.  Susie is known by her legions of followers as a master of layering and mixing prints and textures; this outfit is no exception.  Susie takes this sweater to the next level by layering a textured lurex cardigan and cropped solid knit on top of it, rounding things off with a killer pair of black super-bellbottoms, a cult item a couple of seasons back from Miu Miu.  Take a cue from Ms. Bubble and think of interesting ways to layer your knitwear this winter.

Something Else by Natalie Wood is available in Hong Kong at Bauhaus, Sideframe, Little Black Dress, Magenta, Seibu, Van D & Ztampz.


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hk honey

Have you ever sat back and thought about the wonders of honey?  How something so delectable can be completely natural, made from the astounding efforts of hundreds and thousands of honey bees, all working to please their queen.  Well, now add this to the equation: hundreds and thousands of honeybees all working day and night right in the middle of a giant metropolis such as Hong Kong.  Sounds incredible?  It is.  The HK Honey guys have been harvesting the nectar from their very own bee hives for several years now; as a hobby, they find it relaxing.  Working with bees requires a gentle touch and patience, but the sweet rewards that you reap are well-worth the time and effort.  See more from the HK Honey guys in this video below.


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what we want for christmas

That's right people, it's officially Christmas season!  The 1st of December has rolled around (is it just me or did this year slip by really quickly) and the town is officially full of Christmas cheer; holiday decorations are out in full-force and the sales are slowly starting all around town.  So it's only natural for us to start conjuring up our holiday wish lists!  We've been extra-good so we hope we can receive all that we've wished for!  So, what does the Electric sekki team want from Santa this year?  Click through to find out, and get some inspiration for your own Christmas shopping too.


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