in full bloom

It's not uncommon for exotic plants and flowers to inspire the fashion and make-up industries; the vivid colours and intricate patterns you can find on some of nature's masterpieces are undeniably mesmerising.  That's why we love this Vogue Nippon beauty editorial, where they took that relationship to the next level, incorporating orchid overlays on top of the model's flora-inspired make-up.  It's a quintessentially summery spread, with a sensual twist, and it's definitely gotten us in the mood for plum, citrus and crimson lipstick shades for the coming season.



tokyo grunge

Some of our readers might already know that Stylestalker's Sue-Ann San is not only an incredibly talented designer, she is also pretty amazing at styling, too!  Sue-Ann often pairs up with her close friend, blogger-slash-photographer-slash-model, Zanita, to create some of our favourite internet exclusive editorials we've seen.  Their latest partnership comes in the form of a story entitled Tokyo Grunge; as the name suggests, the styling of the shoot is somewhat of a melting pot of 90's American grunge influences and poppy Japanese hairstyling.  We are loving the results!

Stylestalker skirt.

Stylestalker shirt (left), Stylestalker dress (right).

Stylestalker shirt (left, around waist), Stylestalker body (right).

Stylestalker body.

See the full Tokyo Grunge spread shot by Zanita and styled by Sue-Ann here.



the perfect fit

We've had our eyes on Aimee Song from Song of Style for a long time now and we've always thought she's a One Teaspoon girl, so we were thrilled when we recently began to see the brand featured on her blog quite frequently.  We see the One Teaspoon girl as someone whom all the girls want to be and all the boys want to meet, and Aimee perfectly fits this description.  One Teaspoon is also the perfect outfitter of her sunny, colourful Californian lifestyle, filled with short hems, relaxed fits and sexy twists.  People sometimes forget that One Teaspoon is more than just everyone's favourite purveyor of denim cut-offs, they've got an incredible fashion line, too; and now, thanks to Aimee, it seems that no one will ever forget that again!

Aimee in a One Teaspoon skirt.

Aimee in a One Teaspoon dress.

Aimee in a One Teaspoon dress.

One Teaspoon is currently exclusively available in Hong Kong at I.T



best bet: callixto pop-up

Callixto is one of our favourite new Hong Kong finds: a delightful online shop which sources unique pieces from exotic street markets all over the world, and sells them on one easy-to-use platform.  In celebration of summer, Callixto has opened a pop-up store for three days only (the first day was yesterday, so just two days left).  If you're like us and you get jealous every time a friend comes back from a fabulous holiday with a wristful of new exotic baubles from a faraway land, then Callixto will  become your new best friend.  Be jealous no more!  Callixto's founder, Sasha Denning, has impeccable taste and a discernable eye; her sourcing travels take her everywhere from Indonesia and Thailand to India to Turkey and beyond, scouring markets for the best pieces she can find.  This pop-up is definitely out Best Bet for the weekend; fake an exotic holiday getaway, stock up on a trunkful of unique jewels for summer.

Some of the exotic necklaces styles Callixto has sourced from markets all over the world.

Callixto's Sasha Denning scouring through foreign street markets for unique finds.

To learn more about Callixto and shop their collections, visit their website here.



tickled pink

Pink is the hottest colour right now, so we were thrilled to bits when when saw this In The Pink editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue.  The story literally had us 'tickled pink'.  The great thing about pink is that it looks just as good in a range of different tones and levels of saturation; from neon to pale to dusty to vivid, the colour pink is always a winner!  Something Else by Natalie Wood's latest collection featured a lot of pink-hued garments, done in her classic-with-a-twist style, so it came as no surprise to us when we saw that the editorial was filled with her designs.  Shot by Saskia Wilson and styled by Bree McDonald, this story has definitely gotten us in the mood to wear more pink this summer! 

Blouse by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Collared knit by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Blouse by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Collared knit by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Knit dress by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Collared knit by Something Else by Natalie Wood.

Something Else by Natalie Wood is currently available in Hong Kong at Seibu, Bauhaus, Little Black Dress, Ztampz, initial, Sidefame, Liger and Drex Fable.



metallic summer

Richard Nicoll and ksubi teamed up for the second time this season on a limited edition pair of sunnies which debuted on Nicoll's runways.  Our favourites are the all-metallic syles with a detachable chain, for a retro twist done in a modern way.  They were a real show-stopper at our recent press day; blogger Adeline from Pretty 'Lil Things tried them on with her red-hot jumpsuit (love!) and a House of Holland houndstooth clutch, and they've since garnered lots of local media attention from the likes of Tao and New Monday.  They're available in Hong Kong now at I.T and we can't wait to get our hands on a pair (or two)!

Adeline of Pretty 'Lil Things.

ksubi x Richard Nicoll sunglasses on the runway.

ksubi x Richard Nicoll sunglasses on the runway.

ksubi x Richard Nicoll in New Monday.

ksubi x Richard Nicoll in Tao.


superga sweepstake

If you live in Hong Kong, then you're in luck, because Superga have just launched their official Superga Hong Kong Facebook page and they're hosting a competition to celebrate.  The prize?  A pair of Superga's, of course!  It's super simple, all you have to do is LIKE and refer your friends to LIKE Superga Hong Kong on Facebook and your name will be entered randomly for the chance to win.  They're the perfect shoe for summer, so now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a pair for yourself.  Enter now, the competition ends this Friday 22 June!  Get liking!


new faces

The rise of the Asian model is perhaps the strongest and most exciting movement we've seen on the catwalks recently.  While we were in Paris, we saw Asian representation from China, Korea, Japan and beyond, and these were the girls who garnered the most attention from photographers both on and off the catwalks.  The great Asian model debate has fired up a lot recently, with critics claiming that the only reason for their appearance on the catwalks is to appease the growing number of Asian customers pouring money into the luxury market, and not because of their catwalk prowess.  We disagree.  Designers do what they want, what they will -- they are, first and foremost, creative directors, and the models they selected to display their wares have to be the best fit possible for the creative direction of the brand, regardless of their race.  Here are some of our favourite new Asian faces we've been seeing on the catwalks, magazine covers and in some of the best editorials we've seen this season.  Can't wait to see what these beautiful ladies do next!

Grace Gao

Varsha Thapa

Tian Yi

Tian Yi

Lee Hye Jung

Lee Hye Jung

Gwen Lu

Gwen Lu

Huang Xiao Meng

Lina Zhang

So Young Kang

So Young Kang

Wang Xiao

Wang Xiao


get richard

Richard Nicoll recently did an interview with Vogue Italia; but this was no ordinary interview.  As a sort of 'commercial' advertising this interview, Vogue Italia commissioned filmmaker Justin Anderson to create a short film about the lead-up to the interview.  The film is entitled 'Get Richard' and Vogue Italia claims on their website that it is 'based on a true story'.  Now, we're not sure just how true that is, but it's a stellar film, nonetheless!  The story follows Richard, who is kidnapped by a well-dressed crew of subversive looking models, driven through the desert and half-buried in the sand such that only his upper torso and head are exposed aboveground.  The film ends with a long shot of Richard, stuck there in the desert, with a microphone situated just in front of him.  In our opinion, it's the best advert ever made for an interview!  Check the video out here, and read excerpts from his interview below.

Why did you start designing?
I came to London to study fine art and do sculpture; then I chose fashion as one of my foundation course options and found I that had a knack for it. I had always been really interested in self-expression through clothes... I think my first interest in fashion came through an intense shyness I had when I was young, I used to communicate through clothes rather than speaking and dressing differently was my way of consciously not fitting in, but without having to talk much. Although you evolve; I think you are still that person you were in your teens, just in a more sophisticated way.

Do you look for inspiration or does it just happen? 
It's an instinct, it's something you're born with I think, the creativity, the sensitivity to things - but there are times when I don’t want to feel it, when I kind of want to close my mind to inspiration. I’ll ignore ideas and wait until the moment is right, there are periods of productivity and periods of consolidation. I think that inspiration can be seen as a subconscious feeling you have for what feels sociologically relevant and also personally relevant, I guess there’s a sort of message no matter how abstract it is. 

Do you oversee the entire creative process?
I’m Creative Director as it were but I’m lucky to work with really talented creative pattern cutters, we have a lot of dialogue about an idea that can be kind of abstract and from there we just do a lot of experiments together, a lot of fittings, so it’s very much a team effort.

What is your idea of beauty?
"There's beauty in sensitivity...for me it’s about conveying a sense of honesty of the human condition, it’s important to convey real fragility. Sometimes even a slightly disturbed sense of beauty- something that is subtle, sophisticated, a knowing sense of naivety; a modern esoteric elegance. It’s individual opinion but for me its about imperfection and celebration, my work is about an anti-heroine; it’s about celebrating a sense of idiosyncrasy and reality."

Who is this anti-heroine?
"To an extent it is an image of me infused in my collection. I’m not perfect, I celebrate my imperfections and always have, I guess the women I think about share the same qualities. I’m interested in a sense of unsettling normality; something seems on the surface to be calm and normal and there’s an undercurrent of something strange, a Lynchian influence I guess."

What makes something beautiful is it subjective, or can something be beautiful?
I think something can be beautiful in a kind of timeless way- but I think modern beauty is subjective. My work is about imperfect beauty,something that has that right balance of elegance and provocation.

So why do you think people wear your clothes?
"I think they relate to the honesty, a lot of my clothes are simple and concise; they allow the wearer to express themselves, to interpret the clothes into their own wardrobes and lives. I think a lot of women relate to that, the shapes are versatile and our best selling item is the oversized one size fits all shape that is in the film."

Richard Nicoll is currently available it at I.T Hong Kong, Liger Hong Kong, Maria Luisa Hong Kong, Inhabit Singapore, FjL Indonesia, Je Ne Sais Quoi Korea.


a bit of sass

Lately, we've been noticing a lot of love for sass & bide popping up online and in all different countries; from Hong Kong and Australia to Sweden and Greece, stylin' chicks around the world seriously cannot get enough sass & bide!  Here, we've rounded up some of our favourite web-snaps that we've come across recently in one neat little post for our readers.  Oh, and the great news is that everything that you see in the post is from current season stock, which means, yes: it's in stores now!  Seeing how these girls rock their sass & bide is giving us some major inspiration for summer dressing - check them all out below.

Liger Store's Dorothy in a sass & bide top, in Hong Kong.

Liger Store's Dorothy in a sass & bide top, styled in her own unique way!

Killer sass & bide details on Style Heroine's dress, worn in Greece.

Un-boxing some sass & bide goodness.

Trying on said sass & bide goodness.

sass & bide street style in Sydney, Australia.

Even more sass & bide street style from Sydney.

Caroline's Mode in sass & bide jeans, in Stockholm.

sass & bide designers Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke in beautiful creations of their own design, frolicking in the Australian countryside.

sass & bide is currently available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols, I.T and Little Black Dress.