best bet: callixto pop-up

Callixto is one of our favourite new Hong Kong finds: a delightful online shop which sources unique pieces from exotic street markets all over the world, and sells them on one easy-to-use platform.  In celebration of summer, Callixto has opened a pop-up store for three days only (the first day was yesterday, so just two days left).  If you're like us and you get jealous every time a friend comes back from a fabulous holiday with a wristful of new exotic baubles from a faraway land, then Callixto will  become your new best friend.  Be jealous no more!  Callixto's founder, Sasha Denning, has impeccable taste and a discernable eye; her sourcing travels take her everywhere from Indonesia and Thailand to India to Turkey and beyond, scouring markets for the best pieces she can find.  This pop-up is definitely out Best Bet for the weekend; fake an exotic holiday getaway, stock up on a trunkful of unique jewels for summer.

Some of the exotic necklaces styles Callixto has sourced from markets all over the world.

Callixto's Sasha Denning scouring through foreign street markets for unique finds.

To learn more about Callixto and shop their collections, visit their website here.


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