tokyo grunge

Some of our readers might already know that Stylestalker's Sue-Ann San is not only an incredibly talented designer, she is also pretty amazing at styling, too!  Sue-Ann often pairs up with her close friend, blogger-slash-photographer-slash-model, Zanita, to create some of our favourite internet exclusive editorials we've seen.  Their latest partnership comes in the form of a story entitled Tokyo Grunge; as the name suggests, the styling of the shoot is somewhat of a melting pot of 90's American grunge influences and poppy Japanese hairstyling.  We are loving the results!

Stylestalker skirt.

Stylestalker shirt (left), Stylestalker dress (right).

Stylestalker shirt (left, around waist), Stylestalker body (right).

Stylestalker body.

See the full Tokyo Grunge spread shot by Zanita and styled by Sue-Ann here.


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Jessica said...

these pictures are pretty awesome!! i want my hair like that!


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