crushing on sue-ann

Mega babe alert!  As one half of the Stylestalker design duo, Sue-Ann San spends most of her days finding inspiration for her collections.  But, while she's a working woman, she always manages to look like a mega babe on the job.  Her stunning looks coupled with her killer style absolutely makes her one of our top 'girl crushes'.  She effortlessly masters SS12's top trend of the season, sports chic, and often favours styles with a bit of bohemian flair.  Oh, and did we mention she chronicles her style through Stylestalker's blog, where our favourite photographs of her are snapped by a model-slash-photographer-slash-blogger, Zanita?  Crushing on Sue-Ann, too, now?  Well, lucky for us, she'll be visiting Hong Kong this week.  Stay tuned for heaps more on this cool chic ...

Sue-Ann in a Stylestalker dress.

Sue-Ann in a Stylestalker top and shorts.

Sue-Ann in a Stylestalker dress.

Sue-Ann in Stylestalker pants, top and parka (in hand).


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