best bet: vote ruby

When we heard that the WWF Hong Kong nominated Ruby, a Chinese white dolphin, to the 2013 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, we were instantly intrigued.  Turns out that they did it to quickly capture to public's attention to alert them to the need to increase Marine Protected Areas around Hong Kong.  A decade ago, there were 158 Chinese white dolphins--today there are only 61.  Various factors such as reclamation, pollution and over-fishing in Hong Kong waters have lead to the species' steep decline.  All these factors are what inspired WWF Hong Kong to launch their Vote Ruby campaign, an effort to protect Hong Kong' most beautiful and intelligent creature, the Chinese white dolphin.  They hope the campaign will increase awareness about their plight and inspire people to sign their online petition to the government to start making serious efforts to protect their existence--you can sign the petition here.  If you're around Mongkok this weekend, artist Mark Goss will be painting a large live mural to increase awareness about the Vote Ruby campaign.  Finally, WWF Hong Kong will be conducting an online live commentary show with more information about Chinese white dolphins, to run alongside the Miss Hong Kong semi-finalist show.  Now, would you rather watch a bunch of girls parade around a stage in a over-rehearsed manner or would you prefer to support a cause to save something truly beautiful, unique and intelligent?  We know what we'll be doing!

Learn more about the Vote Ruby campaign here.
Sign the online petition to the Hong Kong government for increased protection of this incredible species here.


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nanushka on miranda

Remember that photo of top Australian model, Miranda Kerr, captured by People Magazine of her dressed in an over-the-top sporty get-up that included metallic shorts and a red-hot top by Nanushka?  Nobody could figure out what it was all about!  Well, now we have the answer.  It turns out that Miranda was shooting a feature for Vogue Korea.  And what's more is that there was lots more Nanushka featured in the story, too.  That's what we like to see!  The feature had an overall sporty theme which, thanks to Miranda's absolutely killer bod as well as the gorgeous pieces by Nanushka, turned out to be pretty rad.  We think Miranda looks absolutely stunning in everything by the label.  Next season's Nanushka campaign model perhaps?  Now that would be and incredible match-up!

Miranda Kerr captured on-set by People Magazine earlier this year in a top and shorts by Nanushka. 

Miranda Kerr in a Nanushka bodysuit for Vogue Korea.

Miranda Kerr in denim shorts by Nanushka in Vogue Korea.

Miranda Kerr in a top by Nanushka for Vogue Korea.


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cara ♥'s minkpink

As if you needed another reason to love Minkpink, it-model of the moment, Cara Delivigne, has been seen sporting the brand all around London town on multiple occasions.  The fun-loving style of the Minkpink brand goes perfectly with Cara's quirky, cool-girl attitude.  Cara favours the brand's statement tees (which have been photographed by many a street-style photographer during fashion week) and quirky prints (which she isn't afraid to rock from head-to-toe).  We think that they're a match made in heaven and that, quite frankly, nobody wears Minkpink better than Cara herself!  Check out some of Cara's Minkink looks below--we can't wait to see what Cara wears from the brand next!

Cara in Minkpink's '90's Tunic'.

Cara (far right) in Minkpink's full 'Polka Print' tracksuit.

Cara in Minkpink's 'Polka Print' track bottoms at V Festival.

Cara backstage at Issa's London Fashion Week show in a Minkpink 'Cute As F#%K' tee.


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orange you glad?

Excuse the cheesy dad-joke pun.  It just couldn't be helped!  But orange you glad we did it?  Did it again!  When orange looks this good, we just can't help but get a little cheeky.  Never has there been so much mouth-watering orange goodness on offer than in recent months.  Most of us here in the Electric sekki office don't own that much orange...yet.  But we have a feeling that that's all about to change.  From D.EFECT's delicious orange 'Coby' coat to Stylestalker's sexy orange 'Power Forward' dress to sass & bide's delectable orange tribal accessories, we just can't get enough orange as of late!  So, here's an homage to some of our favourite orange pieces this season.  And a couple of our favourite orange things in life, too.  Enjoy!  Hope to see everyone wearing more orange soon.

1. D.EFECT 'Coby' coat, 2 & 3. ksubi suglasses, 4. House of Holland clutch, 5. House of Holland lace-up heels.  Tribal necklace by sass & bide.

The Stylestalker 'Power Forward' dress.

Orange sunsets.

 Orange flowers.

 Orange deserts.

Orange leaves.


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mad for plaid

If there's just one piece that you're going to invest in this Fall/Winter 2013 season, let it be something plaid.  The industry has gone mad for plaid this fall.  With the rise of the modern punk look and the return of 90's-chic, plaid has become the it-texture this season.  And nobody does it better than Alessandro Dell'Acqua at No. 21.  Even Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue and the most powerful woman in publishing has taken note.  She put the plaid sweater from look 1 of No. 21's Fall/Winter 2013 show in her all-important September issue.  We love how it was styled with a loose floral print dress and chunky leather boots--a new silhouette that has been taking the editorial world by storm recently.  It's definitely our must have this for fall.  Check it out in all of its glory below!

No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua sweater featured in American Vogue's all-important September Issue.

No. 21 Alessandro Dell'Acqua look 1 of the Fall 2013 collection featured in Vogue Russia.

Look 1 of No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua's Fall/Winter 2013 show.


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say it on your shirt

There's nothing like a good slogan tee to make any outfit look instantly cooler.  And when they're as cool as these tees from Stylestalker this season, even the nerdiest of nerds could look killer cool in one of them!  Continuing on from their basketball themed Fall/Winter 2013 collection, Stylestalker has released a line of special slogan tees, in time for the holidays, also with a basketball theme.  From their 'Baller' styles to their 'I Wish A Was A Little Bit Taller' tee, these are sure to put a smile on your face every time you wear them and give you instant cool points, too.  Hot chicks like Lust for Life's Olivia Lopez, Song of Style's Amiee Song, Australian super model Jessica Hart and even the cutest little pair of French Bulldogs have all gone wild for these tees!  You will, too, when you see them.

Stylestalker 'Baller' sleeveless tee.

Stylestalker 'Pump up the Jam' sleeveless tee and 'Baller' raglan.

Stylestalker 'I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller" sleeveless tee.

 Stylestalker's mascots, 'Style' and 'Stalker'!  How ridiculously cute are they!

Stylestalker's 'Don't Worry Be Sexy' and 'I Need Coffee' tee on Vanessa Hudgens and a friend.

Australian top model, Jessica Hart, wears the Stylestalker 'Baller' sleeveless tee.

Blogger Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life in the Stylestalker 'Baller' raglan.

Stylestalker's 'Geo Bunny' tee on Song of Style's Amiee Song, at the top of Runyon Canyon in LA!


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one teaspoon white out

One of our favourite trends here at Electric sekki this season is the 'White Out' trend.  It started this summer and is continuing into the winter, so if you're yet to get on board with the trend, then it's time to get on board right now!  In particular, one brand that's doing the white trend so, so well this season is One Teaspoon.  In fact, their white goodies are so spot-on that they've already been worn by some of the biggest bloggers out there and have become wildly popular online.  So who's been spotted in One Teaspoon's winter whites?  Peace Love Shea's Shea Marie, both They All Hate Us bloggers Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton and Song of Style's Amiee Song, to name but a few.  And each of them put their own twist on wintery whites; though each girl styled their whites in an equally lust-worthy way.  If this doesn't get you wanting to wear white this winter, then we don't know what will!  Get inspired below.

Peace Love Shea's Shea Marie in a One Teaspoon 'Wild Things' dress.

They All Hate Us blogger Elle Ferguson in a pair of One Teaspoon 'White Out Lovers' shorts.

The other half of They All Hate Us, Tash Sefton, in a pair of One Teaspoon 'White Leather Trackies'.

Song of Style's Amiee Song in the same pair of One Teaspoon 'White Out Lovers' shorts, showing off the leather back pockets. 

A look from One Teaspoon's Fallen Angel campaign, featuring the white-out trend with their popular 'Bowie' leather jacket.


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get them shades

A great pair of shades is the icing on top of any outfit, be it a killer outfit or an off-duty look.  And when it comes to cool shades, we never look further than ksubi, who offer hands down the best shades in any town.  Favoured among the fashion set around the world and often snapped by street-style photographers at fashion weeks each season, ksubi shades are always eye-catching and flattering for the face.  They're statement without being outlandish, making them perfect for regular old you and me, too.  Even better is that all their styles are unisex, so go halfsies with your boyfriend on a pair and share--though we have to admit, it might be difficult because once you get your hands on a pair of these babies, trust us: you won't want to share!


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style jam: high-stitched voice

We first discovered Stephanie Huang of High-Stitched Voice just over a year ago and she immediately struck us as one of the most stylish young upcoming bloggers that China currently has to offer.  Can you believe this girl has only just started college?  She's got buckets of style for a young kid her age, hasn't she!  So when she contacted Electric sekki, keen to drop by and say hi, we were ecstatic!  And, thus, this incredible Style Jam session came about.  Like many girls her age, Stephanie was immediately drawn to our irresistible rack of Minkpink, which was exploding with prints and colours.  She made a beeline for this red plaid pinafore, a throwback to the punk movement of the 90's, and grabbed an oversized coat to layer on top of it, a la Saint Laurent's Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  Never one to shy away from going bold, Stephanie then coordinated her look with a red floppy felt hat from D.EFECT and No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua's break-out star of a bag, the 'Bad Belle'.  If there was ever a girl who could work the whole 'Lady in Red' look, it's Stephanie--and she does it with such great style!  We can't wait to have you back over to play dress-up again, Stephanie!

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress, Minkpink coat and D.EFECT hat.

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress, Minkpink coat and D.EFECT hat.

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress, Minkpink coat and D.EFECT hat.

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress and D.EFECT hat.

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress and D.EFECT hat.

Stephanie wears a Minkpink dress and D.EFECT hat.
Top left: D.EFECT felt hat / Bottom right: No. 21 'Bad Belle' bag.

All photos taken by Bryant Lee, see his blog, Fashon Crave, here.


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havaianas in shanghai

We had an incredible time at our Havaianas Beach Party Extravaganza in Shanghai at The Bund Beach this weekend with a party filled with Brazilian dancers, fun games, a live performance by pop-rock girl band Nylon Pink and, of course, a fully-equipped Make Your Own Havaianas booth!  It was hands down the best way to get through the heatwave in Shanghai this past weekend.  We partied into the night in our bikinis and Havaianas with over 760 of the coolest people in town, as MTV Taiwan's VJ Samuel revved up the crowd and got us all buzzing with excitement.  We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to support us--the event was a huge success, thanks to our wonderful fans and friends!  We can't wait to come back to China for our next event!


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