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When we heard that the WWF Hong Kong nominated Ruby, a Chinese white dolphin, to the 2013 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, we were instantly intrigued.  Turns out that they did it to quickly capture to public's attention to alert them to the need to increase Marine Protected Areas around Hong Kong.  A decade ago, there were 158 Chinese white dolphins--today there are only 61.  Various factors such as reclamation, pollution and over-fishing in Hong Kong waters have lead to the species' steep decline.  All these factors are what inspired WWF Hong Kong to launch their Vote Ruby campaign, an effort to protect Hong Kong' most beautiful and intelligent creature, the Chinese white dolphin.  They hope the campaign will increase awareness about their plight and inspire people to sign their online petition to the government to start making serious efforts to protect their existence--you can sign the petition here.  If you're around Mongkok this weekend, artist Mark Goss will be painting a large live mural to increase awareness about the Vote Ruby campaign.  Finally, WWF Hong Kong will be conducting an online live commentary show with more information about Chinese white dolphins, to run alongside the Miss Hong Kong semi-finalist show.  Now, would you rather watch a bunch of girls parade around a stage in a over-rehearsed manner or would you prefer to support a cause to save something truly beautiful, unique and intelligent?  We know what we'll be doing!

Learn more about the Vote Ruby campaign here.
Sign the online petition to the Hong Kong government for increased protection of this incredible species here.


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