horace in vice style

Vice Style is a great online fashion site with a wonderful team of editors who are dedicated to educating their audience on up-and-coming fashion news; it's not just about reporting on big names and perpetuating current trends.  They recently featured an amazing editorial surrounding UK brand, HORACE.  HORACE has been getting a lot of amazing press recently, but we really love this piece in particular because it really captures the essence of the brand; it is subversive, creative, in-your-face and eye catching, with a no-apologies approach to fashion.  Love it!



kate at ksubi in sydney?

Myth? Legend? Or reality? Nobody knows if it's true, but Kate Moss fans all over Australia are sticking firmly to their bootstraps, claiming that the new Mrs. Jamie Hince is, indeed, in town.  She's never travelled to Sydney before, but ever since her husband was spotted in ultra-fab shopping district, Paddington, the internet has been abuzz with rumours of Kate being at his side.  Among the rumours, the fact that Kate was spotted shopping up a storm at Ksubi.  True or false, we're not surprised.  Denim-loving Kate has long been a fan of the brand; we like her best in these Ksubi cut-offs below.


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spotted on: ksubi judy

Creative consultant, mother, blogger, designer--Judy Ip is all these things and she's also one helluva stylish lady.  Her fashion style is quintessential cool Hong Kong, what the locals would call, "ho ying ar!" Translation: "Too cool!"  She's the mother of two totally adorable and fashionable babies, she consults for local fashion powerhouse, izzue, and maintains a popular blog, Style Life.  She also has a total weakness for Ksubi shades.  Throughout her blogging career, we've seen her go from one Ksubi shape to the next; her current favourite (a personal favourite of ours, too) is the pair below, which she wears almost every day.  Ksubi + Judy, we think it's a perfect combo!


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♥ havaianas

During F/W '11 press week, we had a wonderfully colourful Havaianas wall on display, which caught the eye of many a passerby, so we started to get snap-happy (as we usually do)!  Below, see some of our favourite people pick out their favourite pair of Havies from the wall.

Tania from T Like Bubble Tea. 

Sam from Sam is Home and Sybil from The Style Voyager.

Christing from Fashion Hedonism.


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les artistes

Les Artistes is Electric sekki's latest creative collaboration with world-reknowned photographer, Daniel Garriga, and Elite Photography, featuring the future gatekeepers of creativity in Asia.  Dressed up in stand-out pieces from our highest-end designers, SuperWowOMG, Popbee, Cindiddy, Fashion Hedonism, DJ Eve Speciall, the Omar Khan Collective,, The Wanderlister, The Yours and The Armoury all came together to be a part of this exciting new project.  Have a sneaky peek at the teaser video by, the full series is out 26 August 2011, so check back then for the full shebang!

Featured in the video: Ksubi, Karen Walker Eyewear, HORACE, N. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua, (nude), Twenty8Twelve, Peter Som, sass & bide, Beau Coops, Pal Zileri and selections from The Armoury.


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how they wear: horace

Don't know about you, but usually what inspires us most in terms of "what to wear" is not what we see on the catwalks of Paris or Milan, but rather what's on the sidewalks.  Usually, we'll see something on the runway and lust after it, but not know how to wear it; what's great is when we see people actually styling it in their own unique way.  Take this pretty young girl to the left, who was snapped by Grazia UK on the brick lanes of London; she styled her wild printed Horace blazer unexpectedly, with a minimal black maxi-dress and felt hat.  Such a killer look!


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fw 11 press week

Click through to see how beautiful our showroom looks right now, full of all our gorgeous F/W '11 collections! Drool.


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More pictures after the jump!


cocktails with richard

We rounded off Richard Nicholl's visit to Hong Kong with a laid-back cocktail party at our showroom; we spent the night mingling with the coolest local press and retailers, and ogling Richard's Resort '12 collection.  Richard's trip was definitely a whirlwind visit, but it was worth it; everyone is totally digging this Londoner's style.  On more than one occasion, I heard a girl say, "Can I be your wife?"  Or, "I love you, Richard!"  Beware: he's definitely a charmer!  Stay tuned into this space for more on this force to be reckoned with.

Richard Nicoll with Kawai from Time Out Hong Kong.

Bloggers Unite!  Daniel from Anywear Style, Sam from Sam is Home, Sybil from The Style Voyager, Denise from SuperWowOMG and Carmen from How I Met Your Style.

Popcorn & chips in paper cups!

Tania from T Like Bubble Tea and Christing from Fashion Hedonism.

Give me a smooch! 

Big lips, little lips.

Two awesomely cool buyers from Lane Crawford.

Sam from Sam is Home and Sybil from The Style Voyager.

Daniel from Anywear Style.

Gorgeous Dorothy of Liger store, with her fabulous sister!

What would you like to drink?

We seriously loved this cute little fashion editor from!


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a 'nicoll' for your thoughts

After a full day of interviews with local online media, Electric sekki sat down with Richard Nicoll and shot silly questions at him for ten minutes. What we got was pure gold! Here's our version of "20 Questions" with Richard Nicoll. Enjoy!

Hamburgers or hotdogs?

Toast or Cereal?

What’s your favourite dance move?
The lasso-ing cowboy.

Favourite food to eat on a hangover?
[Thinks] What is it? I’m always hungover, I should know!

What’s your favouite language?
English ... the language of love.

What’s your favourite colour?
Navy blue.

What was your first word?
Don’t know.

What’s your favourite kind of footwear?
Desert boots.

Who is your ideal person to be stuck on a desert island with? Living or dead.
I’d like to be stuck on a desert island with two of my mates, actually. The ones that make me laugh the most.

Who would you most like to go on a date or a dinner with?
[Without any hesitation] James Franco.

Can you ride a bicycle?

Do you like Chinese food?

What do you like?
Dim Sum. Xiaolongbao. Delicious.

Do you cook?

What can you cook?
I cook simple things. Stir-fries and healthy things. Now, hangover food; let’s go back to that. I normally eat healthy things when I’m hungover so I don’t feel guilty. I think ... sushi. Tempura.

What were you doing the summer when you were 18?
I have to think about that ... I was in London, wasn’t I? I was working in a restaurant in the kitchen. CafĂ© Toto in Camden.

Doing what?

What’s your favourite number?

It’s my birthday.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
I thought about being a psychologist. But then I think clothes are kind of psychology too.

What do you do to unwind?
I go to Yoga. Bikram.

What’s your favourite position?
In Bikram? I like ... I don’t know what it’s called. 

Do you have anything you’re OCD about?
I’m fussy about my desktop, my inbox. I’m quite fussy about everything really. Apart from my own health!

Sum up your experience at Ricky & Pinky’s in Hong Kong [Side Note: Ricky & Pinky's is an amazingly dingy Hong Kong tattoo parlour in Wanchai].
I think that Ricky & Pinky’s was authentic and quite funny.

Do you have a motto?
No regrets.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes. We’ve got a Facebook Page as well. Actually, if you could "Like" us ...



spotted on: citrus beyonce

Beyonce looks positively juicy in this Peter Som orange peplum top and pencil skirt. We love her ultra-wavy locks on top, which perfectly balance out the tight pencil skirt on the bottom. The colour looks phenomenal against her glowing skin, and she tops the whole look off with an endearing smile that you just can't resist. We love the look on the runway, but Beyonce really radiates in this look; she truly adds her own bit of trademark flair and "bootylicious" flavour into the mix.



in town: richard nicoll

Attention Hong Kong fashionistas! Richard Nicoll is in town, and he's a huge hit here. Anyone who knows Richard knows he's not only terribly talented and terrifyingly intelligent, but also incredibly affable. He's at Electric sekki for a week of interviews; meeting and greeting Asia's biggest media players and retailers. It's as if there's been a spell cast over the showroom, everyone is rapt! Learn a bit more about Richard and what inspires him in this sweet little interview he did with Harper's UK. You're bound to fall even more in love with him.

What is your earliest fashion memory? 
I was never really interested in fashion when I was younger. I was more interested in subcultures and expressions through clothes. I guess my earliest fashion memory is related to music.

The very first piece you ever made, how old were you and why did you create it? 
I made a straight-jacket when I was 19, but I think I was just trying to be subversive at the time and probably I was really mental! [laughs]

Was there a particular era that influenced you? 
In terms of fashion references there’s always been a thing about Morrissey and how he dressed and Kurt Cobain back in the day. I am always more influenced by music than fashion for my collections now: the 90's grunge culture and that side angle where people like Morrissey were doing their thing. I guess that sexual ambiguity was an influence too.

What do you think of the recent fusion of fashion, music and art cultures? 
I don’t know if it’s new but it makes sense because fashion is all about popular culture which is all about fashion, music and sociological events.

What is style to you? 
Conviction of individuality and having the confidence to do your own thing.

Do you have a favourite fashion film? 
Inferno is my favourite [fashion] film at the moment. I’ve only just discovered it recently and I think it’s incredibly beautiful it’s a documentary about failure to complete a film from the `60s so the documentary was made in the 90s. I think it’s quite nice that it’s a story within a story. But the footage from the original film in the 60s which was never completed is absolutely incredible and part of the reason it was never completed is because the process was intense and because of the perfectionist Henri-Georges Clouzot was in terms of trying to complete the film. It’s quite surreal in how detailed it is. It also feels like an insane modernity even though it’s from the 60s.

What inspires you? 
I find New York really inspiring - not directly in terms of referencing the collections - but by its energy – you feel creative. I think you need to get away from your everyday life to feel creative, as a starting point.

Is there a place you would like to end up? 
When I really need to relax I go to Australia. But I have two homes: I’ve been in London as long as Australia. But that’s where my family is, so I feel I’ll be looked after!

Original Interview: Harper's Bazaar UK



horace for the win!

Cooler-than-cool London label, Horace, has been getting a lot of love recently.  We've long been fans of the brand so it's good to see others feeling the love for them too!  Dazed & Confused recently shot a killer editorial with Kacper Kasprzyk, styled by Karen Langley, featuring Daga Ziober stranded on a cliff.  We are loving the mood of this whole spread; brooding, sensual, dark.  Karen styled Daga in lots of fur, and chose a Horace fury jumpsuit as one of the stand-out pieces in the spread.

Horace grey & black fury jumpsuit.

Horace grey & black fury jumpsuit. AMAZING!


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great kate!

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge recently attended a very posh polo match in Santa Barbara, California.  The Duchess looked radiant in a beautiful Jenny Packham day dress made from hand-painted de Gournay silk.  We've written about de Gournay once before; their gorgeous organic and art deco inspired work is created by highly-skilled artisans, who have honed their handicraft through years of experience.  de Gournay is not new to designer collaborations; they have worked with British designer Matthew Williamsom in the past and, more recently, Chanel.  Jenny Packham's latest collection of modern feminine pieces featured many different gorgeous de Gournay hand-painted fabrics.  See some of the highlights below!


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