fortune cookie

People often say things to me that I just don't get.  One of them goes along the lines of, "What did you get dressed up for? We're just having lunch, we're all friends here!" Or something vaguely similar.  Why should getting dressed to go to an important dinner be any different from getting dressed to have a casual lunch with friends or getting dressed to go to the supermarket, for that matter?  Looking 'put together' opens doors.  Trust me, it pays to make sure that you look well-dressed 100% of the time; you never know who you're going to run into.  This mock-fortune cookie tip below is too true. Plus, I love a good excuse to go shopping!


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how awesome is shu qi

We love Shu Qi (舒淇).  Honestly, we don't think there's anyone else who can look so beautiful and kick so much bad-guy butt at the same time (she's highly trained in Chinese martial arts).  We also love how transformative she can be; one minute she's this strong, take-no-prisoners woman, then she's the ultimate sex-pot, then she takes you by surprise and becomes all soft and flower-like.  In her recent editorial for ELLE Hong Kong, she shows of her softer, romantic side in a cute-but-cool Seventh Wonderland bikini and a killer figure-hugging dress by sass & bide.  No matter how she's done up or what character she's playing, she always looks phenomenal; and she's an amazing actress to boot.  Total girl-crush!

Shu Qi wears a Seventh Wonderland bikini.

Right: Shu Qi wears a sass & bide dress.

sass & bide is available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols, Liger, Little Black Dress & Van D.
Seventh Wonderland is available in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford.


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bambi, bam!

The world's gone crazy for Bambi.  Supermodel, style-icon and hot girlfriend of Ksubi's Dan Single, Bambi Northwood-Blythe has been taking the fashion world by storm.  She's reached cult-status on the internet and is a fashion blogger's ultimate dream.  With her thick eyebrows, willowy limbs and cutesy-but-cool Bambi tattoo on her inner-wrist, she's won the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide.  So it makes sense that Ksubi would choose her as their "calendar girl"for August 2011, the hottest month of the year.  Can you say MAJOR girl crush?  Bambi, we love you!


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spotted: n. 21 in ELLE

Lately, Alessandro Dell'Acqua's line, N. 21, has been getting a lot of really amazing press worldwide and here in Hong Kong, ELLE featured this gorgeous sequin mini dress in their ELLE Luxury supplement this month.  Styled by one of our favourite stylists, Czarine Lau, the spread is all about the best evening wear options for this fall.  What we love most about this gold piece from N. 21 is that its length and texture keeps it fun and sexy, while its higher knotted neckline gives it a fiercely elegant edge, creating a great overall balance to the design that anybody would look fabulous in.  Oh, and did we mention how great the model looks with that bust sculpture in the background?  Genius!


The look from N.21's Prefall 2011 collection.

N. 21 is available in Hong Kong at I.T.


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havaianas ambassador: matt solomon 蘇誠峻

Matt Solomon (蘇誠峻) is a racing prodigy.  At just 15 years of age, this young racing star has already had the opportunity to race in a Formula Car and has just completed his first year of competition racing in Europe.  If that's not enough to impress you, he's also a Havaianas Brand Ambassador and, quite frankly, much cooler than you probably were when you were 15!  We recently caught up with the sweetheart and drilled him in a series of questions to try to get to know him better.

When I wake up I am straight into the shower for a quick wash. It gets me fresh and ready for the day ahead!

Before I go to bed I always prepare for the day to come. That always involves packing my clothes, never forgetting a pair of Havies.

My mates think I’m great to hang out with, except I'm never around!

The biggest misconception about the industry is that it's always viewed as being a sport that you just sit in a seat and push a few pedals. People need to experience it for themselves; racing drivers are amongst the most elite athletes in the world.

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today, I'm not actually sure what I’d do, to be honest. Maybe a Havies model? [Laughs] Not sure, haven't thought that far.

A great idea would be to invent and design a Havaianas racing shoe!

The soundtrack in my head during a race is a song called Remember The Name by Fort Minor, it's a song that just really gets the blood flowing and pumps me up.

There’s a time and place for relaxing and having fun. There's also a time and place to be serious and focused.

Before Friday I mustn’t forget to keep focused for the race and start resting up so that I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me on the weekend.

Find out more about Matt Solomon & see his racing schedule here.


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sass & bide eyewear

It's no secret how much we love the sass & bide girls; Heidi and Sarah-Jane have got to be just about two of the coolest, nicest women on the planet.  So it comes as no surprise to us that the rest of the sass & bide team would be just as fabulous.  This has been proven true in their latest campaign to launch their new venture into eyewear.  In a series of "photo booth" style shots, Heidi, Sarah-Jane and the rest of the phenomenal sass & bide team model the glasses themselves, and it looks like they had the most awesome time doing it!  We love seeing designers rep their own line, and we can safely say that the sass & bide girls never disappoint.


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kary 吳雨霏 ♥s sass & bide

Orange and fuchsia have never looked this good!  Local popstar and style icon, Kary Ng (吳雨霏), has long been a fan of sass & bide, and it's great to see her in this fantastic dress straight off the runway from sass & bide's F/W '11 show.  The colours look phenomenal on her, and we love how she styled it casually with loose curls, soft make-up and minimal accessories to really make the dress pop.  It's the perfect dress for a fun event like the MAC Me Over party last week (read our coverage here); bold, lively and colourful. The perfect combination!

Photo: Kary Ng's Facebook


Photo: sass & bide


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MAC me over

Last Wednesday, we attended MAC's MAC Me Over event to celebrate the launch of their new line of cosmetic basics aimed at people of all races, all genders and all ages.  We love this democratic, all-inclusive approach to their product; in a world where boundaries of age, race and gender are forever being broken down and re-evaluated, why not have a line that's designed for everyone!  The event was definitely one to remember: they hired out a huge venue and set-up rows and rows of "make-over" stations where anyone and everyone could go to get a new look.  It was an interactive experience that was over-the-top and fun; just the way make-up should be!

A lucky girl gets made-over by MAC! Looking like a million bucks!

More make-overs.

We ran into one of our favourite bloggers, Denise from SuperWowOMG, at the event, rocking a pair of hot Ksubi jeans.  Werrrrrrrrk it, girl!

Two gorgeous gals: V Channel Presenter, Cara Grogan, with Electric sekki's very own Sam Kelly!

An example of one of MAC's official make-overs.  She looks amazing!  Total transformation.

How rockin' does this lady look.  Embrace your grey hair, people!  Looks amazing.


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party hardy

Okay, okay!  We're done with the teasing!  You've all waited patiently long enough.  Here are the happy-snaps from the recent Ksubi party at Volar; Dan Single, aka DJ Dangerous Dan, took to the stage and played some phenomenal tunes and we all danced the night away.  As expected, Dan rocked the crowd 'til dawn and, lucky us, we got to party-hardy with some of the cool kids in town.  Were you there?  See if our photographer got some happy-snaps of your hot self below.

Dan Single with hot model, Angie Ng.

Model/DJ Eve Speciall on stage with Dan Single, aka DJ Dangerous Dan.

The hot crowd dancing to Dan's dangerous tunes.

Gloria Yip, PR Manager at I.T & Sharon Chiu from CityMagazine.

Kelvin from Ocular Plus with George Gorrow.

Great crowd!

All photos by Nick D.

More pictures after the jump!


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We love a good schoolgirl feature. Honestly, is there anything better? Having been to a school with a strict uniform policy, I know what it's like to have to put on that same outfit every day for what seemed like eternity. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if I looked like Gisele Bundchen? She looks like a bombshell in these schoolgirl-inspired looks from the current issue of i-D Magazine.  Our favourite is shot number one, featuring her long, Amazonian legs in the perfect flouncy black mini by Twenty8Twelve. Seriously, every woman needs one of these skirts in their wardrobe; it's such a killer look, and the one below by Twenty8Twelve is on the very top of my 'To Buy' list for Fall!

Twenty8Twelve is available in Hong Kong and China exclusively at I.T.


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insight at the sugarmill

The boys from INSIGHT Garage Art recently went down to one of favourite Australian surf-shops, The Sugarmill, to for a serious art jamming session.  In true INSIGHT-style, the day was laid-back, fun and the art they created was wickedly cool.  Check out the video for a behind-the-scenes look at what went down that day; makes us want to leave our computers, pick up an easel and some paintbrushes and just get to painting all day. Wouldn't that be rad!


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reduce reuse recycle

We're huge fans of eco-friendly fashion.  In a world where so much of this industry is based on throw-away pieces that you wear once and never see again, we have always tried to champion an outlook of buying for investment, buying for creative appreciation, and buying for an expression of individuality.  Marie Claire recently wrangled up a group of well-known Australian designers and challenged them to a St Vinnie's test.  They sent designers such as Heidi and Sarah-Jane from sass & bide down to St. Vincent de Paul's charity shop to create signature pieces out of second-hand clothing.  We absolutely love the killer piece that the sass & bide girls put together; it's so them!  It's almost unbelievable that they could create something so stellar out of recycled clothing, but then we remember how inspirational and creative the duo are and it all makes perfect sense.

sass & bide is available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols, Liger, Little Black Dress & Van D.


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der face it!

Also up at I.T Hysan One until the end of the month is the Ksubi 'Der Face' eyewear retrospective, featuring some of Ksubi's most iconic shapes from seasons past.  Everyone must recognise those amazing metal-curtain shades from their Chainmail series back in 2007!  The exhibition is on display now exclusively at I.T Hysan One, so if you want the chance to see, first-hand, those iconic shades you've been lusting after for years, get down there now before it's too late!

The Flip Series & Ksubi for Richard Nicoll - 2008

Pieces from the Der Face collection

Mix Experiment pieces and some shades from Ksubi's current collection.

The iconic metal-curtain shades from their Chainmail series - 2007


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the ksubi jean machine

As you all know by now, last week Hong Kong was graced by the presence of four of the coolest cats on the planet: the Ksubi boys.  Dan Single, George Gorrow, Gus Carmichael and Toby Jones all came to Hong Kong to launch their custom denim & leather collection that they created exclusively or I.T Hysan One.  Accompanying the collection are two exhibits: The Jean Machine and the Der Face Ksubi eyewear retrospective.  We chatted to Toby about the concept behind the Jean Machine, who told us that it was really all about customisation and personalisation.  One thing that the Ksubi boys hold fiercely on to is individuality, and The Jean Machine perfectly reiterates this idea.  Great work, boys!

The Jean Machine

Customise your denim with cultural influences such as television and radio!

'The People's Champion', Toby Jones, wearing a pair of Ksubi shades from the Der Face exhibit.
Photos: Boris Burgess of

The Jean Machine and the Der Face exhibit are on display at I.T Hysan One until 31 August 2011.


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