how awesome is shu qi

We love Shu Qi (舒淇).  Honestly, we don't think there's anyone else who can look so beautiful and kick so much bad-guy butt at the same time (she's highly trained in Chinese martial arts).  We also love how transformative she can be; one minute she's this strong, take-no-prisoners woman, then she's the ultimate sex-pot, then she takes you by surprise and becomes all soft and flower-like.  In her recent editorial for ELLE Hong Kong, she shows of her softer, romantic side in a cute-but-cool Seventh Wonderland bikini and a killer figure-hugging dress by sass & bide.  No matter how she's done up or what character she's playing, she always looks phenomenal; and she's an amazing actress to boot.  Total girl-crush!

Shu Qi wears a Seventh Wonderland bikini.

Right: Shu Qi wears a sass & bide dress.

sass & bide is available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols, Liger, Little Black Dress & Van D.
Seventh Wonderland is available in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford.


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Kit said...

She is indeeeeeed beautiful!

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