the ksubi jean machine

As you all know by now, last week Hong Kong was graced by the presence of four of the coolest cats on the planet: the Ksubi boys.  Dan Single, George Gorrow, Gus Carmichael and Toby Jones all came to Hong Kong to launch their custom denim & leather collection that they created exclusively or I.T Hysan One.  Accompanying the collection are two exhibits: The Jean Machine and the Der Face Ksubi eyewear retrospective.  We chatted to Toby about the concept behind the Jean Machine, who told us that it was really all about customisation and personalisation.  One thing that the Ksubi boys hold fiercely on to is individuality, and The Jean Machine perfectly reiterates this idea.  Great work, boys!

The Jean Machine

Customise your denim with cultural influences such as television and radio!

'The People's Champion', Toby Jones, wearing a pair of Ksubi shades from the Der Face exhibit.
Photos: Boris Burgess of

The Jean Machine and the Der Face exhibit are on display at I.T Hysan One until 31 August 2011.


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