spotted: susie bubble in something else

It's no secret how much we dig Susie Bubble's style; she mixes colour, prints and textures like an Olympic athlete, but always in a way that's somehow perfectly relatable and makes us go, "Amazing! I could totally do that!" Only to then try and not look nearly half has chic as Susie does ... Here, she wears a fabulous Something Else by Natalie Wood Polynesian-inspired Kimono-shaped dress, knotted over layers of other fabulous prints. Inspiration! Think I might try this again tomorrow ...

Something Else by Natalie Wood is available in Hong Kong at SEIBU, D-Mop, Ztampz & Bauhaus.



tom binns x on pedder x madhouse contemporary

Last week, the city was abuzz about Art HK; an annual event which showcases and celebrates the art market in Hong Kong.  On Friday, JOYCE and On Pedder, two of the the pioneers of creative, stand-out fashion in Hong Kong, put on their own exhibit of sorts, celebrating controversial costume jeweller, Tom Binns.  

Binns is an artist at heart, having been primarily inspired by the spontaneity and irrationality of the Dada movement.  These elements of rebellion are certainly visible in his pieces--this is what we love most about him: it's that cheekiness, that sense of anarchy that juxtaposes these beautiful pieces which, at first glance, seem like they should be worn by society ladies but, upon closer inspection, reveals quite the opposite.   

The Tom Binns exihibit is on display at JOYCE/On Pedder Queen's Road Central until Sunday, 5 June.



havaianas: style-snapped!

The Havaianas iPhone application launch event at Fly saw the city's hottest girls and boys come down to party, dressed in some of the coolest outfits we've seen lately.  This was a chance for the city's young fashion crowd to shine; and we must say that there were some major superstars shining that evening! See if you've been style-snapped below, then click on to the Havaianas Facebook page to see if you were chosen as one of the evening's most stylish attendees; winners receive an amazing pair of Havies!


best bet: tom binns @ on pedder

So unless you've been living under a rock recently, you'll know that it's Art HK week in Hong Kong.  Everyone around town is buzzing about the creative scene in the city, which we love.  We here at Electric sekki have always been firm supporters of the coolest new artists around town; art and fashion have a crucially sacred relationship.  One of the greatest events celebrating the marriage of art and fashion is the Tom Binns exhibit curated by Madhouse Contemporary, on show at JOYCE's flagship Central location: the installation will be up until 5 June and, trust, it is worth checking out. 


partners & spade: lane crawford: art hk

Last night's Art Futures event at Lane Crawford ifc in collaboration with NYC tastemakers, Partners & Spade, and the current talk-of-the-town, ArtHK, was decidedly more laid-back than their usual soirees.  Gone were the crazy VM set-ups, carnival-inspired canapes and flash-mob performances.  In their place? An interesting international mix of attendees who were a refreshing change from the usual Hong Kong fashion crowd.  The atmosphere was much more befitting for such an event whose purpose was to showcase up-and-coming artistic talent.  In a city that's so often dominated by boring black, white and grey, we're digging the suspended neon bicycle, colourful striped ties and bright rainforest animal motifs scattered throughout the store.

The Art Futures exhibition is on display now at Lane Crawford's ifc location.



spotted: one teaspoon in lane crawford magazine

Lane Crawford's online Magazine recently featured One Teaspoon, a label beloved by cool girls everywhere, in their feature 'Take it To the Limit', introducing you to their favourite maxi-dresses for the summer season.  We love the One Teaspoon 'Eagle's Shadow' maxi for its colourful print, it's sexy cut-out back and its super-attractive price-point ... Still reading this post?  Get up and get it now!


last night's party: havaianas iphone launch @ fly

Last night's party?  Last night's epic party?  The Havaianas iPhone application launch at Hong Kong's hottest club, Fly.  What an amazing laid-back evening of dancing and laughing -- the party was so big, the crowd was spilling out onto the street.  Love it!  Check the Havaianas Hong Kong Facebook page to find your photo and see if you've been chosen as one of the most stylish people at the party; each of these lucky style mavens will win a pair of Havies!

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