tom binns x on pedder x madhouse contemporary

Last week, the city was abuzz about Art HK; an annual event which showcases and celebrates the art market in Hong Kong.  On Friday, JOYCE and On Pedder, two of the the pioneers of creative, stand-out fashion in Hong Kong, put on their own exhibit of sorts, celebrating controversial costume jeweller, Tom Binns.  

Binns is an artist at heart, having been primarily inspired by the spontaneity and irrationality of the Dada movement.  These elements of rebellion are certainly visible in his pieces--this is what we love most about him: it's that cheekiness, that sense of anarchy that juxtaposes these beautiful pieces which, at first glance, seem like they should be worn by society ladies but, upon closer inspection, reveals quite the opposite.   

The Tom Binns exihibit is on display at JOYCE/On Pedder Queen's Road Central until Sunday, 5 June.


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