editors ♥ n. 21!

With the rapid rise of street-style photography, it has recently become a well-known fact that the most stylish women on the planet are not actresses, songstresses or models--nay, they are the women behind the scenes: the editors, the stylists.  Afterall, these are the women who dictate trends and "make or break" designers' careers.  Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist fame brought street-style photography to the masses; and his original muses of the street are none other than the inimitable Anna Dello Russo of Vogue Nippon and stylist-extraordinaire Giovanna Battaglia who both adore Alessandro Dell'Acqua's new N. 21 line. They have been snapped around town donning the most fabulous off-the-runway looks: have a sneaky peek below! 

Lukcy you: N. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua is available in Hong Kong at Harvey Nichols and I.T!

Pictures by Rosella.




Oh I'm going to have to start paying more attention to N.21! That floral top with floral trousers look is perfect. Such a sucker for print on print.

Rosella said...

Those pix are mine and u cut the signature out. Excellent!

Electric sekki said...

Hi Rosella,

No need to be so hostile! I found the pictures through Google image search and when I found them there was already no signature attached... I think someone else cut it out first, then I got it from their site, so didn't realise they should be credited to you. Anyway, I've added now the credit to your site.

Just a tip for the future: there is really no need to be so hostile. The fashion industry is full of angry people; a word of advice from a big PR firm in Asia: try being a liiiiiiitle bit nicer, it will get you very far in this industry! Say "please" and people are likely to be nicer to you too.

Keep up the good work darling!

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