Don't you just love it when fashion is actually fun?  Sometimes, this industry can be cursed by arrogance, rudeness and a general feeling of everyone taking themselves all too seriously; it's such a breath of fresh air to see photographs such as these, taken by Craig Arend for New York Magazine.  Supermodel Caroline Trentini popularised the mid-flight fashion jump on the pages of VOGUE, but it's nice to see some fashion insiders such as blogger Hanneli, Vogue Nippon EIC Anna Dello Russo, fashion editor Miroslava Duma, and Chinese model Liu Wen jumping around during the recent couture shows in Paris.  Do it: Jump up and down if you love fashion!

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen & blogger Hanneli.

Vogue Nippon EIC Anna Dello Russo & fashion editor Miroslava Duma

Fashion editor Stephanie La Cava & photographer Candice Lake

Vogue Turkey EIC Ece Sukan & director/model Nadine Stritmatter



denise said...

ahaha miroslava is so freaking cute

EB said...

Vendôme place meets a lot of jumpers ! Amazing !

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