havaianas on holiday

While Electric sekki's beloved Founder and President Amiee Squires-Wills is holidaying in gorgeous Europe, us who are left behind in the office have been following her every move on Instagram, living her holiday vicariously through her as the weather here in Hong Kong bounces between weeks of torrential rain followed by a sporadic few days of extreme heat and intense sunshine.  Needless to say, we would much rather be on vacation in Europe with her!  Some of our favourite shots so far have included vignettes of her various beach accessories which, of course, include her trusty Havaianas, accessorised with Slipyz.  We're craving for a vacation filled with lazy days in the sand in our denim cut-offs and Havaianas, too!  Let's all pray for good weather this weekend so that we can do the same in Hong Kong!


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Hom Lee said...

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Matthew Murphy said...

As a fashion lover I would like to say about havaianas slippers, those are really comfortable and soft.

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