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Our Skool's Out for Christmas party brought out the city's most stylin' party animals.  After all, they had a very special guest to impress: Mr. Henry Holland himself.  It was hard to pick out our favourite style shots from the evening (there were so many!) but here's our pick of the people that really rocked our socks.  They dressed appropriately for the party: not too fancy but oh-so cool.  There was lots of grunge, lots of colour and lots of personality.  Just the way we like it!

Amazing glasses!

This whole posse of friends was immaculately styled; they are each individual but all "fit" together perfectly.

Loving these House of Holland tights!  Nobody does tights better than Henry Holland!

Stylin' guys with so much 'tude.

Loving the Clockwork Orange look on the guy to the right!  Excellent stuff.

House of Holland is available in Hong Kong at A Boutique, Liger & Bauhaus.

All photographs by Topaz Leung.


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