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For all of us here at Electric sekki, Sam was more than just a wildly talented, unforgivingly driven, frighteningly creative, genuinely passionate colleague -- she was our support system and an unfaltering friend.  Sam was the sister to whom we ran for guidance on everything from stress at work or trouble with family to relationship advice.  Sam was also fiercely loyal and supportive; she selflessly did everything she could think to do for each one of us, without us ever even having to ask her, and never expecting anything in return.  She pushed us so hard to be better (she always knew we had it in us), she urged us to follow our dreams (she always knew what we wanted, even before we did) and she inspired us all to rise to greatness (she expected nothing less from those around her).  Her legacy at Electric sekki is one that will never be forgotten.

Sam kept a folder at work that was full of photos she took and photos she stumbled upon online; going through the photographs, we came across one buried in them all of a man holding up a sign declaring, Nothing is ever over.  A simple message, but so true.  Her untimely departure from this world has left a gaping hole in the Electric sekki family; no one will ever be able to replace her presence here at the company, but we will fight each day to keep her legacy alive.  

Nothing is ever over, Sam -- we will always love you.  Keep that sparkle alive.

Messages from the team at Electric sekki for our Sam ...

A beautiful girl leaves such a huge gap in our hearts and the world.
 - Amiee, David, Sassy and Kix Wills

Truly one of a kind.
So inspiring and full of life.
A little star shining & smiling.
Always loving & laughing.
Touched us all in so many ways.
Your energy, passion and legacy remains.
Always with me my little shining star.
- Monica Blanch Wells

Discovering the real Sammie K - forever friends from that moment.
- Drew Down 

To me, Sam was in many ways my rock when at work; I never told her this of course and preferred her to think I was hers.  My relationship with Sam started from a very work-focused one and, from don’t know when (more like can't remember now), it turned into something more than that.  As she was to many others, she was my little sister who would call me Saturday in the late evening or WhatsApp me on Sunday mornings, just to vent or 'discuss about work/brands', as she would put it.  She is now at a very special place in my heart and I am never going to let her go anywhere else.
 - Vivienne Ng

Sam knew what she wanted and, most of all, what other people wanted. She was, yes, very talented, inspirational, creative and passionate, but first of all, hugely supportive to us. I feel blessed I had her on my side for the last two years and I will never forget my sweet and beautiful star. She used to call me 'the girl that will never grow up' -- indeed, Sam, you let me play with your spirit and I was delighted. I will love Samantha Kelly forever.
 - Giusi Genzano

You could never be a face in the crowd
So you're travelin' on, travelin' on out
Well you know I'd never say it out loud
But I'll be travelin' on, travelin' with you
If you notice that I'm falling behind
I'm taking my time taking it all in
So call me when you get where you're going
I'll keep travelin' on, travelin' to you
- Jessica Cane (via Norah Jones' Travellin' On)

I looked up to you like a big sister and I will always aspire to be like you - your drive, your ambition and your contagious energy. You had my back through everything, gave me sound and stupid advice, made me cry with laughter, made me dance on tables, taught me everything I know about growing up. I will miss the late night phone calls we used to have, cracking up about the stupidest things and our silly bickering, when all was needed was a chocolate bar or a diet coke to say sorry.   How one person can impact on so many lives just shows how truly special you were and how we have lost such an incredible person in this world. You are the smartest, bravest person I know and a massive strength in my life. Thank you for teaching me everything, thank you for being an amazing friend, thank you for smiling and thank you for having such a positive impact. Your dynamic and creative outlook will live on with us all. I will love you forever and miss you more every day.
 - Livi Khatami

Speechless moment; I was the first person to get this tragic news. I couldn’t believe what I heard until now, still feeling you’re around us… Sam, you’re not alone. We all love you like you loved candy and spice.  106 days we knew each other, nevertheless I won’t forget your candy smile on my entire life.
- Cherie Yu

- Priscilla I'Anson


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such sad news. she was great to work with. RIP.

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