braid it!

So, anyone living in South Asia is sure to know that it is virtually impossible to step outside any air-conditioned space without immediately starting to melt in the sweltering heat.  This poses many problems for us fashion-folk, the most obvious one being that sweat is so not chic.  So how do we stay cool in the summer months?  One of the biggest problems is what to do with our hair.  The moisture makes it frizzy, the heat makes it uncomfortable, and tying it up in a ponytail every day gets oh-so-boring.  That's why we love one of the biggest hair trends to come out of S/S '11: the braid. Or "plait", if you prefer to call it that.  It can be done in a million different ways; from messy, to simple, to mind-blowingly complicated. Take a cue from this hair-inspiration below and get braiding, people!


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