ken done x natalie wood

We already know how much you all love Natalie Wood's clothing line, Something Else by Natalie Wood--well, you're about to love her even more.  Natalie's recently paired up with iconic Australian artist, Ken Done, to create a series of exclusive prints for her fashion label.  Ken Done is famous for his colourful, cheerful depictions of Australian landmarks, but he also had a stint in the '80s as a fashion designer, creating ever-so-popular printed tees and bathing suits.  We love how Done has translated his colourful artwork into a more modern form for his collaboration with Natalie; the prints are a bit more abstract but, in true Ken Done style, they're done with an undeniable sense of joy and a fantastic burst of bright colours.  You're sure to treasure these items forever; just as Natalie still treasures her own printed Ken Done pieces from the '80s.  The collection hits stores this December, we'll be first in line!

Something Else by Natalie Wood is currently available in Hong Kong at Bauhaus, Sidefame, Little Black Dress, Magenta, Seibu, Van D and Ztampz.


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