love for lana

When our team first came across Lana Del Rey, we were immediately hooked: the sultry internet-sensation with a hauntingly beautiful voice instantly became our office pick-me-up.  It's rare that you come across new talent that literally gives you goosebumps, but Lana Del Rey's first music video, Video Games, definitely did just that.  Lana's retro Bridget Bardot-inspired style and deep husky voice has us longing for a lost time where 35mm film was still popular and celebrities still had a certain degree of mystery about them: a time before internet gossip sites, paparazzi and video games.  It's reminded us to live in the present and turn off all the electronics every once in a while: just sit back and enjoy each other's company.  We've got mad love for Lana, so check out Video Games below and thank us later.


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