best bet: vogue festival

This one's for all of our UK readers: if you haven't already heard, Vogue is putting on their annual Vogue Festival this year, an event where they gather up all their fashion contacts in design, photography, broadcasting, journalism and modeling, and put on a two-day conference for aspiring young things looking to one day break into the wonderful world of fashion.  It ain't your average boring seminar where you listen to people talk all day long; there are makeover stalls, photoshoot booths, trend talks and fashion film screenings.  We think it's worth going to if only to catch House of Holland's Henry Holland speak.  He's got a wealth of knowledge about the industry, having been a former style editor at Smash Hits and, of course, he started his own fashion label which is now sold all over the world.  Holland is widely recognised in the business for his, "wry wit and penchant for acid-bright colours."  And well, he's just a big sweetheart, and who doesn't love a sweetheart?

House of Holland's Henry Holland.

To learn more about Vogue Festival 2012, visit their website here.


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