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Blitz is an inspiring new concept space curated by international accessories experts, Pedder Group, at Lane Crawford.  The genius behind Blitz is that it is a specialised area in which you can find all the most covetable runway accessories of the season.  In the past, many of the exquisite runway pieces you'd see at the shows would never make it to production; Blitz is making an effort to support designers' runway vision by creating a space in which these special pieces can be displayed appropriately and sold to a suitable consumer audience which appreciates the amount of skill and workmanship that goes into each piece.  We spoke to the current brainchild of the Blitz project, Kim Kollar, to find out more about this inspiring new initiative.  And in case you're wondering, Kim's top picks for SS12 are a Maison Martin Margiela runway cape and any/all of the Lanvin eagle-crystal embellished runway pieces.  We couldn't agree with her more.

Tell us: what is Blitz and what does it mean to you?
Blitz represents a space. And not necessarily a physical one, dedicated to new ideas, innovative projects, interesting collaborations, and a platform for sharing new discoveries. To me personally, it is creativity that has tremendous dimension and reach in a commercial way.

Balenciaga SS12 runway heels.

Educate us: why do some of our favourite runway items never make it to the stores? 
I can answer this one based on first hand experience! In many instances, accessories and styling elements are created especially for the shows. They are not offered on the linesheet for buyers to choose. Most of the time, this is because the items made were handmade in the ateliers and are one of kind.

Alexander McQueen SS12 lace headpieces.

Teach us: how would you style that phenomenal S/S '12 Alexander McQueen lace headpiece? 
I would pair the black headpiece with a sleeveless ivory Stella McCartney tuxedo with a high waisted trouser with a black chiffon sleeveless Valentino blouse underneath. And a red mouth. Very Bianc Jagger meets Lady Gaga. The sleeves would have to be taken off, as I haven’t seen a sleeveless tux as of late. Ruffles on the blouse are optional, depending if I was feeling romantic or not.

Margiela SS12 runway cape.

Tease us: what do you love most about your job (show off a little)? 
The range of talent and the mediums I get to work with sourcing inspiration and partners to work with. For instance, right now I am working with an amazing artist to develop special products to ranslate his art into wearable objects. I am also working with a vintage dealer in Paris who supplies inspiration for Lanvin, YSL, Chanel jewelry… to bring some of the most exquisite vintage pieces to Hong Kong. It’s like shopping/styling/curating simultaneously. It’s awesome!

Lanvin SS12 runway belt & Kenzo SS12 runway bag. 

Inspire us: what does it take to do your job?
1) Having a point of view and a point of reference to form an opinion on what is good, 
2) Project management is a must as there are many different components that have to come together for a project to launch successfully,
3) A keen interest in fashion, music, art, style and culture, 
4) Vision and enthusiasm: to push the envelope and keep things interesting for everyone!

Show us: what's one thing on your desk at work that personalizes your space for you?
I am fairly new and live by a minimalism-at-work-aesthetic so not much to report except for the essentials: water, caffeine, sunglasses, a note from my husband, and a Diptyque Baies candle. Scents really decorate a space.

You can find Blitz at Lane Crawford's ifc and Canton Road stores in Hong Kong and at their Seasons Palace store in Beijing.


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