sarah jessica parker in stylestalker

For those of us who grew up watching Sex & The City, Sarah Jessica Parker will always hold a very special place in our hearts as the queen of fashion and style.  Her on-screen character as Carrie Bradshaw was fashion-obsessed, a devotee to the 'bible' of Vogue.  Much of that love of fashion has rubbed off onto Sarah Jessica herself, and she has confessed on many an occasion her love of design and style.  She is, however, also a working mom to three children, which is why she often favours comfortable basics with a twist on her days off.  So when we saw her in Stylestalker's 'Replicant' denim parka and 'Moon Base' sweater, it all made sense!  She wears these Stylestalker pieces with her signature Manhattan strut and quirky-cool style.  I mean, let's be honest, when it comes to the stylish Manhattan curbside strut, nobody does it better than Sarah Jessica Parker!

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Stylestalker's 'Replicant' denim parka.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Stylestalker's 'Replicant' denim parka.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears the 'Moon Base' sweater from Stylestalker.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears the 'Moon Base' sweater from Stylestalker.


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