superga: if these shoes could talk

Today, Superga launched their 'If These Shoes Could Talk' campaign, a collaboration between the brand's Creative Directors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman and blogger Garance Dore, aimed at revealing the special relationship that five individual tastemakers have with their Superga's.  Scott and Garance filmed each individual in their own environment, travelling across the United States from Los Angeles to Miami to New York City.  And these are what you might call 'every day' people; a stylist in Los Angeles, a blogger and a sportsman in Miami, a market editor and an art history student in New York.  The whole idea behind the campaign was the simple question, "If your Superga's could talk, what would they say?"  The first installment starring Jessica De Ruiter, is out this week and the final four tastemakers' photographs will be released over the next two weeks, so make sure to keep checking back for more!  You can see the full campaign, including the photographs and the video at the Superga website here.  

Superga commissioned The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman to photograph and Garance Dore to film five individual tastemakers in their own environments, revealing each of their relationships with their Superga's; you can view the full video and campaign at the Superga website here.

Each week, Superga introduces its customers to a new tastemaker; from a stylist in LA, to a blogger and a sportsman in Miami, to a market editor and an art history student in New York, these are the stories of 'everyday' people and their relationship with their Superga's.

First up is Jessica De Ruiter, a stylist based in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that Garance brought a suitcase full of Superga's from which Jessica could choose to wear in the video, the story goes that she turned them all down and said, "Actually, I'd prefer to wear my own."  And so, she was photographed by Scott and filmed by Garance in her favourite beat-up old pair of 2750's in classic white.


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