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If you're in the market for a facial or a massage, then look no further than Flawless.  The experience that we had at Flawless was, well, as the name suggests, no less than flawless!  The experience begins when you are greeted at the front desk to a gorgeously designed space.  It's comfortable and clean, without feeling too sterile and has warm, inviting touches such as plush leather arm chairs, quirky cushions and walls full of interesting modern art.  You are then offered what is perhaps the world's most delicious water you will ever drink, flavoured with a concoction of citrus fruits and mint leaves.  It sounds simple, but they do it flawlessly (what else would you expect)!  You are then lead through what we now like to affectionately call the "Doorway to Heaven", otherwise known as the bright pink accent door that reveals a series of incredibly comfortable back rooms in which your facial and/or massage will take place.  Finally, you are treated to the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience of your life, at the hands of an expert team of ladies who are not only excellent at what they do, but are incredibly nice and lovely personalities, too.  Flawless is perhaps the only urban spa in Hong Kong that gets the service side of things right; in fact, they really are right on the money.  In a town where so many things are service-focused, there are still so many establishments that fall completely short in the customer service area, but that's where Flawless excels.  The service in itself is enough to make you want to keep coming back but, of course, all the other elements such as the interior design and the quality of the treatments that you will be getting are worth raving about, too.  This is definitely our new favourite place when we need some pampering.  Overall, a truly flawless experience at Flawless!

Flawless offers facial, massage, manicure/pedicure and make-up services.

Water of the gods!  This concoction seems simple, but Flawless does it perfectly!

The "Doorway to Heaven"--Flawless' pink accent door that leads to a series of incredibly comfortable back treatment rooms.

The interior of the treatment rooms is spacious, clean and designed with lots of consideration.  We have never felt so comfortable at a spa!

Interesting modern artwork is sprinkled throughout Flawless.  This was in the bathroom, believe it or not!

Flawless is the exclusive distributor of Medik8 in Hong Kong and many of their facials feature their products, which you can also purchase after your treatment.

There is a lovely, serene outdoor patio area with comfortable sofas and make-shift lily ponds that is perfect for lounging around in and soaking in some sun rays after your treatment.

An interesting work of graffiti commissioned by Flawless on one of their exterior walls.

At Flawless, impeccable service and quality treatments are as simple for them as black and white!  A truly flawless experience a Flawless!


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