best bet: genie's genius summer cleanse

Summer is here and that means one thing, ladies: bikini season.  For us, that usually also means it's time get healthy, hit the gym and work hard for that bikini bod!  Juice cleansing has been all the rage recently around town and we've seen many an Instagram post on someone or another embarking on one.  Though we've been tempted to try, we weren't quite sold until The Genie Concept came around.  Created by local Hong Kong celebrity model Cara Grogan and her friend Melanie Genie, these girls grew up in Australia where an active lifestyle and healthy diet were de rigeur.  Their move to Hong Kong, however, took a toll on both their health and well-being; with too many long days (and nights!), air pollution and a stressful lifestyle, they decided to start a juicing routine by themselves at home.  They say that routine changed their lives and began working on an idea to bring their juicing secrets to the masses via The Genie Concept.  With delicious-sounding recipes, gorgeous packaging and, let's face it, two stunning spokesmodels for the brand, these ladies are set to take the juicing community by storm!  And, with a special 10% discount for our lovely Electric sekki blog followers, there's never been a better time than now to kick-start your health and fitness routine this summer!

Local celebrity model Cara Grogan founded The Genie Concept with her friend, Meanie Genie.

Genie juices are made using a special cold pressing machine.  The Genie girls are adamant in educating their customers about how traditional juicing pressing machines create a lot of heat, which rapidly diminishes the nutrient value in your juice.  Using a cold pressing machine, however, maintains those gorgeous healthy nutrients to deliver maximum impact on your health.

The lovely ladies at Genie have created a special summer discount for our Electric sekki blog followers. We're about to place our own order now!

Remember our Harvey Nichols Pop-Up earlier this year?  Were you there? If you were, then you'd remember the delicious juices on offer that evening--yep, they came courtesy of Genie Juice!  Healthy and fashionable!


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