best bet: flawless facial

If you're stuck in town over the long weekend coming up and you're not sure what to do with yourself, then we might have the perfect pick-me-up.  Flawless, our absolute favourite spa in the whole world who, last time we went, gave us the best facial and massage experiences of our lives (which you can read about here) is doing a special offer for first-time customers (don't we wish we were first-time customers right now, too)!  And it's a really good deal: 30% off any facial if it's your first time there.  We would highly recommend adding a massage on top of that to get the full experience--it's a lovely little sanctuary right in the middle of Hong Kong and their therapists all come from 5-star backgrounds and are really lovely people.  If you want to do a full splurge for yourself (why not!) then definitely get a mani-pedi afterwards.  The manicure we had there a couple months ago was one of the longest lasting manis we've ever had.  A spa day at Flawless is definitely our Best Bet for the long weekend and, hey, we just might see you there!

See more from Flawless here.


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