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We've gotten a lot of questions over the last couple of days about Forever 21's new store opening in Hong Kong in 2012.  Most of the questions involved the hologram show that a select group of media were treated to at the MGM Grand Macau on Tuesday night.  The show really highlighted the fun nature of the Forever 21 brand.  What does it look like? and Do you have to wear 3D glasses? were the two most popular questions asked.  To answer you, it was pretty mind-blowing.  It was beyond just being 3D; there were moments where I wasn't sure if I was looking at a real person or a hologram.  And to answer the second question: no, no silly 3D glasses that make you look geeky...phew!  So, if you're still curious, have a look at this recording of the Forever 21 hologram fashion show in Austria below.  It captures the essence of the show, but you really had to be there to experience it in full.  Enjoy!


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