sequin graffiti

I love discovering new forms of street art; a while ago, we told you about the new yarn bombing street phenomenon lead by Knitta, Please.  Recently, we've come across Therese Himmer, who is slowly taking Scandinavia by storm with what she's dubbed "sequin graffiti".   This Danish/Czech artist is bringing bling to a whole new level and we love it!  Imagine driving through the cold gray streets of Reykjavik, Iceland and suddenly coming across a gleaming, glittering wall of giant sequins!  Boom, that would definitely make your day.  In many ways, street art is the most accessible form of public art, because we live around it every day.  In recent years, street art has really taken off from its initial graffiti roots and expanded into a whole new creative subculture; a breeding ground for exciting new artistic talent.  We can't wait to see what Himmer's got in store for us next.  Watch this space!


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