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As Christmas time roles around, events around town seem to start shifting their focus towards charity; one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received was a donation in my name to UNICEF. At a time in the year when there is so much joy that surrounds us, it is important to remember those who are unable to participate in such a happy occasion, be it because of poverty, poor health, lack of education or resources, lost loved ones or any number of tragedies that the less-priveleged face each day. Recently, a fashion-for-charity cause caught our eye: Lane Crawford's Wrapped with Love: Create & Knit initiative for the Crossroads Foundation. The entire Electric sekki office got involved in Lane Crawford's Wrapped with Love project; boxes of yarn were delivered to our boardroom where we spent much of our free time knitting away, making woolen squares which will be sewn together to create at least 3,000 blankets for families both locally and abroad.

In true Lane Crawford style, their packaging was immaculate; knitting needles were provided, as well as instructions on how to knit. Spools of wool were donated to the cause by Club Monaco.

Electric sekki Co-Founder and Managing Director, Amiee Squires-Wills knits away in our boardroom!

More Electric sekki team members learning how to knit.


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