best bet: make your own havaianas

Just in time for summer, Havaianas is bringing their "Make Your Own" project to Hong Kong.  From 1-3 June, head on down to the Havaianas store at LCX Harbour City to decorate your pair of Havaianas with a range of different embellishments and pins.  We celebrated the initiative on Wednesday afternoon with a fun crowd of media and some of our favourite blogger friends, Vnikali, Ztylistas, The Wanderlister+, Hypebeast, Popbee and so many more!  Havaianas is bringing their hugely popular "Make Your Own" initiative to Hong Kong in honour of their 50th anniversary; come down and celebrate this big birthday with us and kick off the start of a perfect Summer 2012.  See you there!

The DIY station at Havaianas LCX Harbour City.

First step: pick your favourite Havaianas colour. Photo via The Wanderlister+ instagram @thewanderlister.

Second step: find your favourite pins for embellishment. Photo via The Wanderlister+ instagram @thewanderlister.

Veronica Li of Vnikali with Derek Ho & Melinda Wang of Ztylistas picking out their favourite pins.  Photo via The Wanderlister+ instagram @thewanderlister.

JJ of The Wanderlister+'s DIY-ed Havaianas; blue with subtle unique details. Photo via The Wanderlister+ instagram @thewanderlister.

Melinda Wang of Ztylistas' DIY-ed Havaianas; superhero overload!  Photo via Melinda's Instagram @melindawang_.

Fourth step: enjoy your personalised Havaianas this summer!  Happy customers: Hypebeast and Popbee's Anna Temby (far left) and Julia Chan (far right) with their personalised pairs.  Photo via Julia's Instagram @juliasc.

All of our happy media friends and bloggers with their personalised Havaianas; the perfect start to a long and perfect summer!

Havaianas cupcakes to keep the customers happy!


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oh my gosh...... those cupcakes "Havaianas" topping are so cute.

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