may showers

So, it's been raining bucket loads recently, in quintessential May showers style.  When it rains this much and this often, it's hard to feel inspired when you get out of bed in the morning.  Quite frankly, we're getting tired of all the boring outfits we've been seeing on the streets as a result of all this rain, so here's a list of ways to spice up your rainy-day outfits.  C'mon people, put down those leggings and that ugly T-shirt.  Let's get inspired.

1. Add a touch of colour to a monotone look.
Try a bright umbrella if you're not one for bright clothes.

Pair a bright skirt with your rainboots for an instant touch of chic.

2. Juxtapositions are always interesting: instead of throwing on some grunge-y clothing you don't mind getting wet, put on something unexpected and ultra feminine instead.
Tweed, metallics, ruffles and hairpieces are all thoroughly unexpected items to wear in the rain and will earn you major style kudos if we see you dressed in any of them in the downpour.

3. Go transparent.
Add a see-through rain cape on top of a killer dress and you've elevated your whole outfit to a new level of avant-garde chic.

Transparent umbrellas are also very cool.

4. Smile.
Sometimes it's just that simple.  Go on, put on your ugly clothes, but for god's sake, smile!


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