art talk: diana d'arenberg

With Art Basel Hong Kong commencing this week, Electric sekki had the opportunity to speak to art expert, Diana d'Arenberg, to find out what she's most looking forward to seeing this year at the art fair, as well as what she will be wearing.  As an art & culture writer, curator and designer, Diana d'Arenberg has an astute eye for design and creativity; she has spent years cultivating her knowledge of both art and fashion, which you can read all about at her insightful blog, Post-ism.  With her striking looks and distinctly strict black, white and red colour palette, Diana has also become somewhat of a local fashion icon in Hong Kong.  She is always flawlessly put together; this is a woman that never seems to have 'off days'.  Who better to gain some style tips from?

Diana d'Arenberg in front of  a piece by artist Jason Martin at Pearl Lam Gallery.

What are you looking forward to seeing this year at Art Basel Hong Kong
I’m looking forward to the Art Basel Encounters section, which will exhibit large-scale installations by a number of international artists; the Insights section showcasing curatorial projects with Asian artists; and Paper Rain, which is Art Basel’s artist parade featuring artists, musicians, dancers, actors and filmmakers from Asia. I’m also excited about local Hong Kong artist, Adrian Wong’s collaboration on the Absolut Art Bureau. Most of all I can’t wait to see our ‘art family’- friends we’ve gotten to know around the world at various art fairs and cultural events – for a festive reunion over art and some nice wine. 

Diana d'Arenberg in front of a piece by Raphael Mazzucco his exhibition at The Space.

Do you know what you will be wearing to Vernissage
Whatever the outfit, it will include one of our luxuriously tailored D&M shirts designed by me and my friend Marleen Molenaar, from the collection we’re launching this September. Both of us go to a lot of art fairs and events and need something that is comfortable and chic and can transition easily from day to evening. Of course, I’ll also have on a pair of ridiculously high heels so I can easily spot art works and people in the crowd. Perhaps it will all be topped with a hat. This humidity wreaks havoc on one’s hair! 

Diana in a design by Marleen Molenaar and herself for D&M, launching later this year.

Give us some tips on how to remain chic, stylish and comfortable enough to spend the day roaming around looking at art. 
Big, bold, fun accessories dress up an outfit as you go from day to evening events (if you don’t have time to change); flats (only to change into if the blood circulation to your feet has failed after a day of heels); red lipstick to help brighten one’s complexion after a long and tiring day.

See more from Diana d'Arenberg at Post-ism here.


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