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If you're a loyal reader of the Electric sekki blog, then JJ Acuna of The Wanderlister+ will be no stranger to you; he has been featured here on many an occasion.  From the very first time we worked with him on our first Les Artistes project, JJ won us over with his eye for design and, of course, his unique and enviable style.  JJ has been an integral part of the Asian art scene for a couple years now, regularly reviewing the shows and exhibitions on offer around town for The Wanderlister+.  Last year, he was an official media partner to Art HK and, of course, you can look forward to seeing JJ around the stalls at this year's Art Basel Hong Kong.  Being the art and style expert he is, we chatted to JJ about what he can't wait to see at Art Basel and, of course, what he'll be wearing to Vernissage!

Photo courtesy of JJ Acuna (via @thewanderlister Instagram).

What are you looking forward to seeing this year at Art Basel?
This year at Art Basel i'm looking forward to visiting some of the 48 new galleries from around the world who have never had a chance to exhibit in Hong Kong before. As with every year the "Encounters" portion of the fair will incorporate site-specific new and old works, usually large scale, to be exhibited around the fair and lie beyond the exhibitors booth. "Insights" and "Discoveries" sector will allow all of us to discover new artists from Asia and around the world.

Also fun at any fair are the major parties. A new art-culture club, Duddell's, is launching this week. Also official Off-Basel parties like Chai Wan Mei and unofficial Off-Basel events like the 032C x KAPOK block party should be fun.

Photo by Olivia Tsang.

Do you know what you will be wearing to Vernissage?
I never know what to wear before any event. That said, I most likely always go for comfy loafers, Levi's Jeans, a chambray shirt, and maybe a fancy blazer from Thom Browne Black Fleece or Club Monaco. 

Photo courtesy of JJ Acuna.

Give us some tips on how to remain chic, stylish and comfortable enough to spend the day roaming around looking at art.

You want to be comfortable but not too casual, because you may be speaking with a gallerist, and they are there for business. And will only give you the time of day if you look like you can do business. Sometimes the venue gets too cold, so bring a light jacket or blazer, Also there are lots of handouts and stuff they give out you'll most likely need a shopper. This is Hong Kong afterall so business cards are a must.  

I'll be walking around, and am looking for simple and elegant fashions throughout the fair. Simplicity is key. Even when you want to go bold with your look. But heels may not get you far. Literally. It's a huge fair.

Editor's note: we think a pair of super Superga's are the perfect stylish yet comfortable footwear choice that JJ is talking about!

See more from JJ at The Wanderlister+ here.


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