embrace the rain

So, it's been raining a lot in Hong Kong recently, and we've all been complaining a lot because of it.  Although we ended up having a red herring of a beautiful day yesterday, it seems from today, however, that the rain has returned.  And so, instead of complaining, we've decided to begin embracing.  Once you've started to embrace it, you actually begin to see the beauty in Hong Kong when it rains.  In particular, photographer Christophe Jacrot, whose work captures various famous cities in the world drenched in rain, captured the mysterious essence of Hong Kong when it rains.  His photographs evoke a romantic calm and a mysterious serenity that we rarely see in the city.  If we could see Hong Kong when it rains the way that Christophe does, we think we'd almost go so far as to say we'd hope it would rain every day!

See more from Christophe Jacrot here.


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