If there's one item that's made a huge splash on the street-style scene this season, it's Alessandro Dell'Acqua's No. 21 tee.  It comes in an array of different colours and patterns and, as a major bonus, it's gender-free.  Top models such as Catherine McNeil, Caroline Brasch Nielson and Ju Xiao Wen have all been spotted wearing the tee at fashion weeks around the world.  The tee has become so popular that even skater kids have picked up on them and propagated the tees for their own subculture.  The tee are so popular that Dell'Acqua is now also offering up a sweatshirt version that is also oversized and gender-free.  If you're in the market for a T-shirt, then this is definitely the one to have this year.  They look good on, well, everyone, and can be styled in a gazillion different ways.  Gotta have one!

Australian top-model, Catherine McNeil spotted in her No. 21 tee at Milan Fashion Week.

Even Catherine McNeil's fiancee wanted a piece of that No. 21 tee!

Caroline Brasch Nielson hanging out in a No. 21 sweatshirt outside the Alexander Wang show during New York Fashion Week.

Electric sekki favourite, Ju Xiao Wen, also loves her No. 21 tee!

Top model Suvi Koponen in her No. 21 sweatshirt.

Mega babe Nadja bender looks smokin' hot her in No. 21 tee.

Grunge-y Canadian model, Meghan Collison, working her No. 21 tee.

The many, many faces who have worn their No. 21 tee at some point this summer!

The No. 21 tee is so popular, even the skater kids are wearing it.

One more for good measure, just because it's such a dope photo.  Gotta have that tee...


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