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Stylestalker is always a favourite of fashion bloggers; the cool nonchalance of the brand's image, mixed in with a touch of undeniable sex appeal, and all at a very attractive price point, makes it a go-to brand for these fashionable ladies.  Season after season, we see some of our favourite bloggers sporting pieces by the label.  Stlyestalker's Fall 2013 'Baller' collection was another hit.  Inspired by the sporty silhouettes of basketball attire, as well as the too-cool attitude of famous basketball players, the 'Baller' collection has been a huge hit, both commercially and editorially.  And it's a versatile collection, too, because we've seen it pop up on bloggers with very different personal styles--they each wear pieces from the collection in their own special way, so it's interesting to see how the collection gets translated by each individual blogger.  From Tuula to The Blonde Salad to Amlul, here are some of our favourite bloggers wearing some of our favourite pieces from Stylestalker's 'Baller' collection this season.
Tuula Vintage in Stylestalker's 'Baller' tee.

Coco Chic in Stylestalker's 'Play Maker' skirt.

The Blonde Salad in Stylestalker's 'One-on-One' dress.

Peace Love Shea in Stylestalker's 'Hoop Dreams' parka.

Agogo in Stylestalker's 'Hoop Dreams' faux leather pants.

The Versastyle in Stylestalker's 'Rainmaker' top.

Amlul in Stylestalker's 'Basketball Jones' dress.


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