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Yesterday, we introduced you to ghd, the revolutionary hair styler that has finally launched in Asia, right here in Hong Kong.  We chatted to ghd's Australian Ambassador, Jayne Wild, about what it's like to work with ghd.  Today, we're taking you deeper into the good stuff: the current trends in hair and how to get those luscious locks you've always dreamt of.  Electric sekki was lucky enough to talk to ghd's team of hair-stylists who flew to Hong Kong from all over the world for the launch of ghd in Asia: Jayne Wild, ghd Head of Creative Andreas Stavrou and ghd Head of Global Education Jo Martin.  If there's anyone who knows how to use the ghd stylers to recreate our favourite hair looks this season, it's this lot!

Electric sekki: What hairstyles are you loving at the moment?
Jayne Wild, ghd Australian Ambassador: There are fashions at the moment that are bringing back the late-70's early-80's Chelsea boy look, where they would have it shorter on the top and longer on the bottom, but it's changed a bit and not exactly the same for those of us who were there for the original!  Back in the day, Northern Soul was the music that they listened to.  Now it's all about texture and it's great that there are these tools from ghd that we can create texture with!  It's not just about making it all sleek and shiny, it's about little waves and curls.  It's the old coming back, it does come around again.

ES: What are some of the trends that you see this season in hair?
JW: Lots of texture in the hair.  Even if it's shiny and bouncy, it's got a bit of a kick to it, a bit of texture in there somewhere.  It might be a bit rough or a bit unbalanced.  I don't see it as being totally perfect.  It's a little bit quirky and I think it's gorgeous!
ES: And how can someone achieve that with the ghd?
JW: Well, if you have baby fine sleek hair but you want to funk it up and add a bit of body or a messy wave, that's when you can choose what size styler you like for that finished effect.  The great thing about the ghd is that once you've found the one that you like, that's all you need in your kit.  We have a model here today on whom we did lots of little curls, so we used the ghd mini on her.  We said to her for days, she's going to have people saying, "You have curly hair!  Did you get a perm?"  But the eclipse, I think, does everything.

ES: There's a range of different stylers in the ghd collection; how would someone use each one differently?  Does it depend on the person and their hair type?
JW: It's what the finished result you want is.  You can basically do anything with any of them, but I do think, for the best result, if you choose the right size styler for what you want that's the most important thing.  That's when you'll get perfection.  It depends on what you're going for, what your hair type is.  And how much time you have! It's all very well looking at a picture in a magazine and saying, "I want that," and then going out to buy the eclipse, but you have to know how to use it!  Which is why education is so important.

ES: What's your favourite hairstyle to create with the ghd?  Is there one that, time after time, people always just love?
Andreas Stavrou, Head of Creative:  You know what?  They do; they love the Gatsby style deep rich wave.  It can be difficult to achieve but, actually, with a ghd styler it's quite simple.  There are a couple of ways to do that and you can take it in so many different directions; you can put it up, you can pin it, you can have it classic, you can put it into a chignon.  I've always liked to work with hair in a very simple way to get the maximum results, nothing too intricate.  I think it's good for the soul because it's just simple and effortless to do.  That's what I love.  Even with our campaigns, they're actually very simple looks to achieve.
ES: They look so complicated!
AS: I know, but it's not!  It's so simple.  This is the whole point; it's about showing how simple it is to do that with the ghd. I always say that when you take the fear away from something, that's when you can enjoy it.  And when you enjoy it, that's when the creative mind is allowed to flourish.  And with the ghd, you've got that, and that's how we've managed to build the cult following that we've got.  

ES: What are some of the hair trends you love creating with the ghd this season?
Jo Martin, Head of Global Education: vThere are lots of multi textures in the hair, movement and volume this season.  Everybody loves that full, glossy hair.   If you've got a shorter bob or long hair, you can create movement, wave, curl and texture with any of the stylers.

The ghd eclipse uses patented breakthrough tri-zone technology to guarantee the optimum temperature through styling, it retails for HKD2,559.

ghd stylers and products are available for purchase in Hong Kong at selected salons and retailers.


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