i.t hysan one grand opening

Last night saw the grand opening party of I.T's new flagship Hysan One store in Causeway Bay.  The four-story space was packed to the brim, guests were spilling out onto the streets, and the party was insane.  There were games such as digital air-hockey and light drawing with which to muck around, Absolut Vodka whipped up some molecular gastronomy delights, and several live boxing matches took place in the basement. The amazing space itself stands alone without all the crazy antics that were going on inside.  The basement floor is dedicated to the coolest menswear in town, the ground floor is used as somewhat of a concept installation space, the mezzanine floor is where their lower-priced i.t merchandise is housed, and the top floor is home to all their delectable designer I.T goodies. With little pockets of goodness to be found throughout the space, you can't turn a corner without spotting something seriously drool-worthy!


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