last night's party

We've all heard it before: "Last night's party was (fill in the blank)!" Well, for us, that blank can be filled in so many ways, but perhaps MAJOR is the best word to describe last night's awesome party. What a huge night, what a huge crowd, what an epic evening of non-stop celebrations! BIG love goes out to all who came to support us; Electric sekki is forever expanding its horizons and defining new meanings for the word 'cool', but we couldn't do it without all of you! Scroll down through some more snaps from later in the evening, and tune in on Monday for an Accessory Report from the party!

Speech, speech!

Got to crack open a bottle of the bubbly! 

There's nothing but love between us all! 

The terrific trio: Drew, Aimee and Peter! Congratulations on such great success so far!

Loving this gender-bending look; he totally pulls it off!

Working one of SS11's biggest trends: the monochromatic look!

Loving the spectacles!


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