hey, havies kid!

Seriously, people!  How adorable is this kid?  And how bangin' is his style?  We think he's just about the most cutest, stylish young boy ever!  Major props to him for putting together such a rocking outfit at such a tender young age.  We see big things for this dapper toddler in the future.  A particularly cute aspect of his outfit are his baby Havaianas flip-flops.  The moment these were delivered to our showroom, pretty much the whole office melted into "awww"'s & "ohmygoshsocute!"'s, and we probably all contemplated having a kid just so that we could dress them in baby Havies.  The photo was captured by talented street-style photographer, Lee Oliveira; he recently visited Hong Kong and took some great snaps of stylish people around town.  Check out his blog here for more! 


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Lee Oliveira said...

WOW.. I am glad you like this pictures.
It's brings me join when I see it..
Thank you
Lee x

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