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Ever gotten bored while brushing your teeth with your boring toothbrush and found yourself thinking, "Maybe this wouldn't be so bad if I had a cool toothbrush with which to brush my teeth!" Well, if you have, then here's the answer to your woes!  Brushing our teeth is a twice-daily chore, so we wonder, really, why no one has thought of this before; might as well turn a chore into something to look forward to!  Yumaki is an ultra cool new oral care brand established in 2009 from a duo consisting of a Scandinavian product design company and a Japanese oral care factory.  Their approach is similar to the fashion industry in that they release new "collections" every "season", so there's always something new and on-trend to keep you interested.  We love this genius pairing of design with practicality; their whole approach from the marketing to the packaging just oozes with cool.

Here's Yumaki's guide to how to properly brush your teeth!  Genius!

Yumaki is available now in Hong Kong at JOYCE Boutiques.


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Mich said...

I didn't know brushing could be any more fun! These designer brushes are so cool. I wonder when my dentist Rockville MD sell one of these.

jackson dentist said...

Those will make any hipster brush their teeth, thank you for sharing this oral hygiene tools.

Oral Care Products said...

I like you idea.You are provide the cool stuff of oral product.Thanks for this nice sharing.

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