chalayan goes ga ga

Lady Ga Ga is coming to Hong Kong and the streets have been abuzz with anticipation.  The pop superstar defied her childhood upbringing where she was bullied as an outcast to become the world's biggest selling musical artist of our generation.  Her Born This Way tour has been described not just as a music concert, but as an inspirational theatrical performance, complete with mind-blowing costumes, props and sets.  So, naturally, when Ga Ga was putting together a team with which to collaborate on this project, she chose the best in the business.  One of those people was Hussein Chalayan.  Famous in his own world of design for creating clothes that are, literally, transformative (think skirts that turn into tables, dresses made from light bulbs), Chalayan also designed the "vessel" from which Ga Ga becomes "reborn" in order to perform her hit single, Born This Way.  Aside from his namesake main collection where Chalayan has the freedom to explore the very form and function of his clothes, he also produces two much more accessible lines, Chalayan Grey and Chalayan Black, which explore similar themes to his main line, but in a much more wearable way.


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