you can do it

So, fancy pants are back in style.  That's right, people: the fancier the better.  Not since the 80's has it been so acceptable to wear bright, colourful, printed, sequined, or foiled pants.  And let me tell you, we are loving it!  But don't think that you "can't do it."  Everyone can do it.  The key is to keep it simple on top, if you're going to have a party with your pants.  Unless you're rail thin and super confident, it's best to pair your fancy pants with a basic tee or sweater.  Or you can make the look a bit more sophisticated with a silk shirt and a tailored blazer.  And always, always add a pair of heels to elongate the leg.  If you're a rookie at this, try a more understated printed denim pair.  These leopard print sass & bide jeans are super chic and comfortable, without being too loud.  Tuula wears them so very well.  So don't tell us that you "can't do it."  You can and, trust us, you will this spring!

sass & bide is available in Hong Kong at I.T, Harvey Nichols, Liger, Little Black Dress & Van D.


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Love this style! If you want a great complementary style for your man, check out fo sho!

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