Photography is a wonderful artistic medium with so many different effects and techniques to play with; the latest technique to catch our attention is infrared technology, put to stellar use by Hong Kong photographer, Yiu Yu Hoi.  When thinking about infrared photography, you might typically be reminded of National Geographic's safari-watch shows, where videographers follow the behavior of animals at nightfall.  This is oh so very different.  In the hands of Yiu, this infrared technique manages to transform the metropolitan concrete jungle of Hong Kong into a fairyland of cotton candy trees and sweet feathery landscapes.  "Infrared photography has the ability to show us what the eye cannot see, it is the art of capturing invisible light," explains Yiu.  If only our eyes could naturally see what these photographs capture, we'd be living off in fairyland for all eternity.

All photos by Hong Kong artist, Yiu Yu Hoi


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