'china girl' valentine

Men, listen up.  In case you've forgotten, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Many of you may be starting to feel the pressure, while other (perhaps more tired) men have long-since given up trying to please your Valentine each year.  Oh, and ladies, you listen up, too!  Valentine's Day isn't just about a man doing things to please his woman; love is a reciprocal thing, ya' know?  Are you at a loss as to what to get him?  Well, that's what we love about lingerie: it's the perfect Valentine's Day gift, whether it's coming from the man or the woman in the relationship.  Both parties are bound to be pleased.  Take note, however: there is a trick to buying an appropriate lingerie set for your partner.  Men: don't go for anything too naughty, you might make your woman feel a bit cheap.  Women: don't got for anything too safe or sugary, you might want to spice it up a bit for your man on this special day.  Still unsure?  We think Huit's 'China Girl' lingerie set is just the right amount of sexy and sweet.

Huit's 'China Girl' lingerie set is the perfect valentine.  Sweet, sexy and ultra feminine.

Huit is available in Hong Kong exclusively at The Private Shop.


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