new year's style resolutions #2

For our second New Year's style resolution, we're encouraging you all to dress the way you want to dress.  Don't be afraid to be bold!  Too often, we see people throw on a fabulous outfit only to then change their minds and say, "What am I thinking?  I can't wear that!"  Yes, you can!  Why not?  For 2013, we want you all to throw those conventional "style rules" and fashion faux pas out of the window.  We say, reinvent your own rules; dress for you, not for others; start having more fun!
Don't second-guess your outfit choices!  Go with the gut.

Have more fun, like these girls in Minpink's Spring 2013 campaign.  In fact, go ahead and recreate this campaign with your girlfriends at some point this year.  Please!

Wear prints!  These tie-dyed textures from House of Holland are a classic print style and bound to put a smile on your face. 

Sure, go ahead.  Wear that flower crown!  Embrace millinery.  No, it doesn't make you look stupid.   

Embellished claws beneath the breasts on knitwear?  Sheer lace pencil skirts?  Why not?  We love this sweater + skirt combo from No. 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua's Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Find your inner child and rock it!  Children are creative and imaginative when it comes to putting outfits together. They have no fear and they just wear what they like.  Love it!

And remember, if you ever find yourself thinking, "Do I look weird in this?"  Remind yourself: weird is rad and rock on.

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