cap it off

Let's kick off 2012 by looking at something we're excited (and, to be honest, slightly scared) about for the new year.  Each year, a certain style of hat becomes popular.  Alexander Wang popularised the grunge-y beanie for his runway debut back in 2008, then the fedora became the next-big-thing, then Maison Michel's monogrammed wide-brimmed hats dominated much of the latter-half of 2011.  Well, for 2012, it seems that baseball caps are making a comeback.  Yep, you heard it: baseball caps.  They've been popping up all over Tumblr and have made appearances on the runways and in the various editions of Vogue around the world.  The key to making the baseball cap work for you is to keep your whole look as sleek and athletic-inspired as possible, otherwise it looks forced and, well, quite honestly, random.  So here's your cue to dig deep into that wardrobe of yours and rummage around for that baseball cap you were forced to wear back in primary school on an outing to the zoo.  The more vintage it looks, the better!


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