a new foundation

Chinese New year is just around the corner, and it's tradition for everyone to start off the new year with a fresh set of underwear.  It's a symbolic "new foundation" for the new year.  But the tradition goes beyond just any new set of lingerie; certain colours are said to bring you luck in certain areas.  Red is the most popular colour for underwear, signifying happiness and good fortune.  An added bonus?  Red is undeniably sexy, too.  A good set of lingerie is the most important foundation for a pulled-together look; it's crucial to perk you up and suck you in, in all the right places.  Huit is one of our favourite lingerie brands, never compromising on aesthetics and always delivering the best construction.

Retro Chinese-sexiness from Wong Kar-wai's classic film, In The Mood For Love.
Huit 'Miss Wang' bra & panty set, available exclusively at The Private Shop.

The key to looking this good in any tight-fitting outfit is to find the appropriate lingerie as a foundation.

Huit is exclusively available in Hong Kong at The Private Shop.


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